Officers were called to an Ash Drive residence when a Lake Havasu City woman reported a package stolen from her doorstep.

On June 26, the victim received a notification that her package had been delivered. When she arrived at her home, however, the package was nowhere to be found. Video surveillance footage from the victim’s home allegedly showed a man, later identified by police as 37-year-old Havasu resident David J. Aguirre, taking the package from her doorstep.

According to police, the victim posted her surveillance footage to social media.

Afterward, the report said, three anonymous witnesses told police that Aguirre was the responsible party. Detectives compared the footage to in-house booking photos of Aguirre, the report said, who was allegedly identified by tattoos visible on his body.

Officers found Aguirre at his Mulberry Avenue address, the report said. He initially denied the theft, according to police, until confronted with knowledge that video footage of the crime existed. Aguirre allegedly admitted to the theft, and told officers he attempted to take the package back to its owner.

According to the police report, the victim’s package contained ground cacao beans, valued at about $29. Aguirre allegedly told police he threw the package away prior to their arrival.

Aguirre was arrested on misdemeanor charges of theft and transported to Lake Havasu City Jail for booking.


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Djanga Unchained

How do these scumbags afford to live in this city? Hwy???



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