A local political activist who led President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign in Mohave County largely accepted responsibility, but partly blamed his brother for an alleged alcohol-involved traffic accident during a Municipal Court proceeding in Kingman Wednesday.

Steven Claude Robinson, 65, Golden Valley, pleaded guilty to failure to stop when striking an unattended vehicle, a misdemeanor offense. A driving while under the influence of intoxicating liquor charge is dismissed under terms of the plea agreement.

Police reports indicated the May 6 incident began when Robinson left his brother’s Kingman residence after they argued after Robinson yelled because he didn’t agree “with something a liberal was saying” on television. Robinson admits leaving the scene after the vehicle he driving clipped another, resulting in minor damage.

“I failed to stop at that time and that is the failure that I acknowledge,” Robinson said. “I was responsible and should have stopped that night and for that reason, I plead guilty.”

Defense attorney Topher Margolis said after-accident testing revealed that Robinson’s blood alcohol content was slightly below the legal limit for driving a motor vehicle and that dismissal of the DUI to the slightest degree charge is a fair compromise in resolving the case.

Judge Van Arsdale imposed punishment as dictated by the plea deal. Robinson avoids jail and has been placed on unsupervised probation for one year.

Robinson was informed he retains his driving privileges, though the traffic infraction could cost him license points with the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Robinson is required to undergo alcohol counseling. He was also directed to pay nearly $600 in fines, though his attorney indicated his unemployed and indigent status would see Robinson try to perform some community service to reduce, or eliminate financial sanction.


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