Many Republican officials in Mohave County and Arizona were discouraged by the scenes of protesters storming the U.S. Capitol in Washington D.C. on Wednesday even as some remain frustrated at what they say has been a lack of transparency surrounding the 2020 presidential election nationally.

“The disgusting acts of violence currently occurring inside the US Capitol is mortifying for all Americans,” District 5 State Sen. Sonny Borrelli said Wednesday afternoon. “It does not reflect the values, courage and determination of the United States to protect this Republic that generations of Americans have fought and sacrificed for. The rule of law must be respected and followed.”

Gov. Doug Ducey also denounced the interference at the Capitol.

“In America, we practice peaceful transitions of power,” Ducey Tweeted Wednesday afternoon. “We respect law and law enforcement. The scene at the United States Capitol right now is wrong and has no place in our form of government. All should denounce, and it should end now.”

District 4 U.S. Rep. Paul Gosar, who made national headlines shortly before protesters entered the Capitol building when his objection to certifying Arizona’s election results was joined by Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and forced a debate on certification in both the House and Senate, also called for the protesters to remain lawful.

“OK. I said let’s do an audit,” Gosar Tweeted Wednesday afternoon while the House was still in recess due to the protests. “Let’s not get carried away here. I don’t want anyone hurt. We are protesting the violation of our laws. We are builders not destroyers. BLM burns and loots. We build. If anyone on the ground reads this and is beyond the line come back.”

Gosar also questioned on Twitter whether the protesters were actually Trump supporters, Tweeting “This has all the hallmarks of Antifa provocation.”

Mohave County District 5 Supervisor Ron Gould said it is a shame that protests would disrupt the business of Congress, but said he is waiting for more information about what transpired before casting judgment.

“In these kinds of situations I like to wait and see what really happened,” Gould said. “We really don’t have the slightest idea what really happened, but they will get to the bottom of it. They will arrest the people that breached the security line, they will find out who they really are and what was going on. I don’t want to race to judgment.”

Gould did say he supports the objection to certifying Arizona’s election results.

“I think Arizona had some problems and those really haven’t been addressed and the courts have not given the people filing complaints a fair shake at pursuing their issue,” he said. “I liked the idea that Ted Cruz put forward to appoint a commission to take a look at it before the inauguration. I’m telling you, a lot of people have lost faith in the election process.”

District 2 Supervisor Hildy Angius said Wednesday she didn’t know quite what to make of everything yet.

“I’m watching it just like everybody else,” she said. “I really haven’t formed my opinions yet. I don’t condone violence, but most of it looks like a peaceful protest to me — like we heard about all summer.”

District 5 State Rep. Regina Cobb said she hadn’t seen all of the coverage throughout the day due to a heavy schedule of Zoom meetings on Wednesday.

“What I did see, it wasn’t a pretty picture,” she said. “I think what has happened there is very sad. We always talk about peaceful protests and we hope we end up with a peaceful protest. Protesting is something that is going to be innate with us for a long time. It is going to be around, so I hope this isn’t an indication of what is to come.”

Cobb said she too has concerns about election results in Arizona, but she has confidence in Mohave County’s election. She said following the election many residents reached out to ask if their vote was counted. Cobb said she followed up on each of those questions with the county elections department.

“Everyone of them had their vote counted,” she said.

Still, Cobb said she has questions about the results throughout the state, particularly in Maricopa County.

“I felt very strong that we did a good job here. Maricopa County, with what we looked at I think 2% was too small of a sampling,” She said. “I think that needs to be widened. We need to do 5% sampling, or 8% sampling. Are the Dominion Voting Machines completely infallible or did they have problems with them? Probably, I don’t know. But we have a subpoena out there that we have not been able to do anything with because of the legal cases that are still pending. I would have liked to have seen those looked at immediately.

“The circumstances that we have been dealt with, at this point, makes it really difficult. I would have liked to have seen those machines looked at before the certification went into place. That wasn’t possible.”

But at this point, Cobb says she doesn’t think there is much that can be done legally.

“We have in our State Constitution how our electors go through, and there is no wiggle room for error on that,” Cobb said. “That is the difficulty. Do we really go with the rule of law or do we make our own rules of law? That is the difficulty I had with that part of it.”

District 5 State Rep. Leo Biasiucci did not immediately return a request for comment Wednesday, but did weigh in on Twitter by responding to a Tweet from Donald Trump Jr. urging protesters to be peaceful.

“Correct, this is not who we are and it needs to stop!” Biasiucci tweeted. “But I am curious where all the Democrats were when our cities were being destroyed the last few months? You are all so vocal on Twitter now but yet not a word from you 6 months ago.”

Arizona GOP Chair Kelli Ward, of Lake Havasu City, retweeted a post from President Donald Trump calling for calm and a nonviolent protest while responding: “Funny to hear Democrats saying that people are ‘desecrating’ the Capitol. What did they say when BLM & Anifa vandalized, looted, terrorized and burned? Seems like similar behavior called very different things.”

Ward also spoke at a Pro-Trump rally at the Arizona State Capitol on Wednesday where she brought up the situation in Washington D.C.

“We saw this violence in Washington and that is a shame,” Ward said. “But you know what could have prevented that? Having a transparent election. Having the ability to audit the votes, to look at the paper ballots that exist in every county, but most especially in Maricopa County.”

Video surfaced on Twitter showing several of the people in the crowd were heckling and shouting at Ward during her speech at the rally Wednesday.

Mohave County Republican Party Chairman Sam Scarmardo said he supports the protesters in Washington D.C. and accused Democrats and the media of employing a double standard.

“We haven’t done anything when they are burning Portland, Seattle, and Oakland and everything else. All of the sudden we are the bad guys because we protest a little bit?” Scarmardo asked. “We encourage people not to be violent. We always encourage people not to be violent and we encourage people to follow the laws of the country. Of course nobody made the liberals, left learners, and destructive anarchists do that for the last year.”

Scarmardo also backed Gosar’s objection to certifying Arizona’s election results, and Ward’s efforts to challenge them in court.

“It was stolen from us,” Scarmardo said. “The election was stolen from us nationwide and, personally, I’m never going to be satisfied with it. I think Kelli Ward is doing a good job of trying to fight the fight, but unfortunately this time the liberals have taken over the media and the liberals have taken over everything else. You have communism running rampant in this country. What are you going to do? I think this country is going to fall apart in fairly short order.”


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The seven Democrats in town are out in force today.


You mean the ones who helped turn Arizona blue?


I'm looking to purchase a large Trump flag for my wall. Plan on keeping one up until the cows come home.


So the cows come into your house? We call that a barn, simple.


No matter who you are in this country, it’s a sad day for Americans when main stream and social media can take away your freedom of speech. We all lose. I fear for the future. Nothing to be laughing out loud about.


Oh, dear, you once again prove your ignorance - no surprise there. The First Amendment protects us from the government and has no effect on a private business shutting down the idiotic ravings of maniacal fools. And yes there is something to laugh about - YOU!


I know what the first amendment is and states. My point is, we are walking a fine line. Hate speech is subjective , right.? You spew hate everyday. You and the other blue people are ways using language that you KNOW will incite a negative reaction.Social media can ban the President of the United States from using their forum by using the loophole that our President (he still is our President) was inciting people. Well, I guess the liberals can spin it anyway they want now. Remember Maxine Waters ? She basically told people to cause harm to others. Kamala Harris urging people to keep protesting even as looting and burning ensued. Yes, there are other democrats guilty of this same kind of incitement speech. They were never held responsible for it. Total blatant hypocrisy.


Nope, I do not "spew hate every day." What, in your ignorance, you construe as hate are simply expressions of the truth and facts and we all know how conservative/fascists hate the truth.

Donnie's ignorant spew resulted in the deaths of five people, injuries to dozens and the ransacking of the hallmark of our nation, the Capitol building. It is long past time that the social media platforms shut him down and to add a really funny twist that useless POS El Rushbo shut off his Twitter account.

And you must remember Typhoid Donnie is not actually the elected president of our nation and he has set a record for losing the votes of the American people twice and the second time has reinforced that loss over 60 times. And now it looks as if he will setting yet another record by being impeached - twice!

Whining about Waters and Harris is pointless, we are discussing what Typhoid Donnie has done to our nation in the eyes of the world.


Another one who does not understand the First Amendment. Ignorance is not a pretty thing. When I was on-the-air people would complain when I cut them off and I always told them, "Want to put that trash on the air, buy your own radio station."


LOL! The latest and greatest! The Floridian in the White House has had his Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook accounts suspended "permanently". Finally!


They were all trump supporters. Find them, prosecute, jail them. Trump was disgraced United States of America. Havasu people with trump flags are disgusting.


Sure would love you to say that to my face azzhole😁


Post your name and address so we can stop by and say, "Hi!"


There was no attempted coup, there is no dictator in office (well, except for Gavin Newsom). Main stream media fed you spun out of control fake news that you continue to perpetuate in theses editorials. Extremist liberals are few in number here in Havasu. The few that pontificate their daily views in theses editorials have no other audience to listen to their vile, ugly name calling rhetoric. It’s obvious that making fun of, bullying, and nasty name calling makes them feel superior. Try debating without these crutches and then people might actually listen to you.


Still posting your pathetic loser BS we see. There was an attempted coup put forward to conservative/fascist domestic terrorists who were told by a maniacal man-child to march to the United States Capitol and take it over. The result is five people are dead dozens injured and the hallmark of our democracy, the Capitol of the United States of America, was ransacked and defaced by in-bred fools. Everyone of the domestic terrorists who participated in this insurrection needs to identified and arrested for murder!


Gosar also questioned on Twitter whether the protesters were actually Trump supporters, Tweeting “This has all the hallmarks of Antifa provocation.” Evidently he did not hear COVID-45 address his goon squad in the A.M. as he, Rudy the G-erk, his two idiot sons, Uday and Qusay, and others as they riled up the crowd of morons to march on the capital building "and take back our country!" Now after all the carnage, 5 dead, numerous injuries to capital police, Boss Tweets Twitter and Facebook accounts suspended, a call to impeach him again, or for Pence to invoke the 25th amendment, the fairy tales begin. All those Trump flags, shirts and MAGA hats were only an illusion, wacko Agent Orange did not incite any violence, reading from a teleprompter like a 4 year old he proclaimed his innocence as the world mocked him and our country. This unstable imbecile should be forced to exit our White House!


Very well stated. Hit all of the salient points. [thumbup][thumbup]


Communist trump has conned his supporters. Trump is a want to be dictator that tried a coup to take over the democracy of America. Trump will go down in the history books as a traitor.


Donald Trump is still president. Thought maybe I should clarify that for the simpletons. Best president this country has ever had, hands down!


Riddle me this Simon1dog: Simpleton, eh!? You are no better than those dullards and dunces that stormed the capital building at the behest of the Lyin' King! What are you going to do when this piriah you worship goes into seclusion in Okefenokee, a.k.a., Mar-a-Lago, a losing piece of real estate just like its underachieving owner!

Joe Nobody

Don't despair, kooks. You can always blame the (D) Mayor for not having enough force at the ready to quell the uprising. Do not blame the innocent ones for listening to their very own Jim Jones...they can't be deemed competent to stand trial.


These people acted in a coup to over run our democracy. Trump is a traitor and the people who acted should be tried as traitors. A trump flag is a traitor flag.


I (502)...nice screen name. If a trump flag is a traitor flag, is a Biden flag just waved to locate the EBT kiosk?


Sorry, Davey, but the flying of a Typhoid Donnie flag is simply an excellent way for us to spot who the traitors are to our nation. And there were no Biden flags...oh, wait, yes there are, We call Biden flags The Stars and Stripes.

Very Stable Genius 2020

It is so depressing to see that many of our elected officials here in Mohave County are delusional and are willing to subvert our democracy to keep their psychotic furor in power.


Shishka and HG haven't a clue. Blind sheep about to walk over a cliff following their lame commie leader. Donald Trump. Best president in history. That's a fact, Jack.


Oh, scooter, you need to stop with the gummies so early in the day. "Shishka" is just a voice in your tiny little head!


These Mohave County far-right republicans have shown there true faces by backing the traitor in the White House and the cult that supports him. I've heard the lies that they have repeated and the radical words they have spoke at the tRUMP rallies.

Everything that happened in Washington DC yesterday is exactly what they wanted and talked about for the last two months, they are proud of the rioters and violence.

It's time to decide if this is the America that the rest of us want, it's time for decent republicans to stand up and throw these far-right tea baggers out of our party. Let them join the American Nazi Party, where they belong.


Well said, HG. We will now await the conservative/fascist domestic terrorist to show up and insult you,


Those halfwit fascists can't insult me, I wear their snowflake crying words as a badge of courage. Just look at their drivel, it's comical!


Most of the fascist far-right commenters on here have either vanished or changed their posting handles because they are so embarrassed by their past support for tRUMP. Only the goofiest of them still comment with complete lack of facts or lack of dignity... snowflakes...

Too old for this

Do you have any real idea about the claims you make? How many Conservatives are "fascist far-right"? It is what you call them all in every comment. If it is fair to label everyone who doesn't support your beliefs as if they all thought alike, then you should accept that your Socialist Democrats are the ones who destroyed cities across the country all year long. Your Party are the racists and anarchists. Is that the Party that you want to be associated with? For a guy who professed to be a lifelong Conservative until Trump banned his bump stock, you sure changed your underwear fast. Did Bob tell you to always call others names and put them down? You sound like him a lot. Think for yourself sometime!


HG, very well said. many of these "name changers" are so easily identified by their style of writing and yet they keep insisting, "That isn't me."


Too old - No, you're wrong. I started fighting, tooth and nail after tRUMP's fascist administration and all who continued to support him, after he called those Nazi's in Charlottsville "very fine people". Get your facts straight...

Too old for this

You guys need to cuddle now.


District 2 Supervisor Hildy Angius said, “I really haven’t formed my opinions yet.” Yep, she’s dumber than a box of Palin’s.

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