Mark Brnovich

Mark Brnovich on Fox Business on Wednesday.

While other Republican officials in the state have hesitated to declare a winner in the presidential race, Attorney General Mark Brnovich said President-elect Joe Biden is the likely winner of Arizona’s 11 electoral votes.

During an interview Wednesday with Neil Cavuto on Fox Business, Brnovich noted that there are fewer than 50,000 ballots left to count statewide and that President Donald Trump would have to win about 65% of those votes in order to take the lead in Arizona, which deemed highly unlikely. Biden currently leads by nearly 13,000 votes.

“It does appear that Joe Biden will win Arizona,” Brnovich said.

Brnovich also rejected baseless claims of election fraud by Democrats in Arizona. He pointed out that, aside from Trump and U.S. Sen. Martha McSally, Republicans fared well in down-ballot races. The GOP maintained control of both chambers of the legislature, despite predictions of a Democratic takeover. Even Democratic Maricopa County Recorder Adrian Fontes, whose office jointly oversees the vote counting in the state’s largest county, is on the verge of defeat.

“If indeed there was some great conspiracy, it apparently didn’t work, since the county election official who’s a Democrat lost and other Republicans won,” Brnovich said.

Brnovich attributed the results to voters who split their tickets, voting for Biden over Trump and Democrat Mark Kelly over McSally, while voting for Republicans further down the ballot.

“That’s the reality. Just because that happened doesn’t mean it’s fraud,” he said.

Brnovich said his office received more than 1,000 complaints after the election from voters who worried that the Sharpie pens that election workers instructed them to use may have invalidated their ballots because the ink bled through the paper. Election officials said the pens wouldn’t cause ballots to be rejected, and Brnovich said the Attorney General’s Office concluded the same.

Other Republican officials, including Gov. Doug Ducey, haven’t shared Brnovich’s sentiments in recent days. Ducey has repeatedly insisted that races in Arizona shouldn’t be called until election officials finish counting the votes. And though he said Arizona will respect the results of the election, he hasn’t refuted the various election fraud claims that are circulating throughout the state, and his office has refused to comment on the matter.


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Ahh, memories -

“After the election Democrats will be hoarding Kleenex.”

“I will,be seriously rubbing it in when Trump wins again. Democrats better stock up on rubbing alcohol”

“Undoubtedly McSally is the best choice.”

“Polls show that Democrats are flocking to the Republican side in record numbers. Most of it has to do with the rioting and looting that Democrat politicians can't seem to see.”

“Jana, can’t wait to watch the ladies on “The View” November 4, 2020! I’m forecasting “salty language” from Ms. Behar and Whoopi! This is going to be fun.”

“Nah, BigBob just “Four More Years” in the “White House”, that’s all we need!”

Joe Nobody

DJT was 100% correct. Covid will magically disappear on November 4th, 2020. Maybe he meant people 'with Covid?


Just like Nero who famously "fiddled while Rome burned" Trump is hiding in the basement fiddling with his twitter while the US gets burned by the Covid virus. His inability to effectively manage the virus is the main reason he will be remembered as one of the worst presidents the US has ever had. It seems like the rest of the world is looking at the US and shaking their collective heads sadly in sympathy of what the US population has had to endure for the last 4 years.


For those having withdrawals for that Lame Duck, while he remains in seclusion, you can bid adieu to him and his scullions at


You have to wonder at just how massively stupid people must be to be taken in by a master con-man and grifter to the point they become members of a cult devoted to the destruction of our nation, blindly following him as he leads them down a road of personal destruction, compels them to buy cheap, shoddy Chinese crap and to actually send this “billionaire” money. Money the majority of these poor saps cannot afford to lose. All of this just to prove to the world just how ignorant they are. This con-man, grifter is a master at his craft. He is one of the greatest liars in the world convincing people, even when they know he’s lying, to not only defend him, but to support him and send him more money.

This scum is a massive infection that has caused the people of our once great our nation to turn against each other. This infection is even worse than the horrible virus - the trump virus - this low-life is responsible for that has killed, so far, over 244,000 innocent American men, women and children. This infection has caused our once great nation to become a world-wide laughingstock and seen to the virtual destruction of our once sacred Constitution. He has even taken one of the greatest traditions of our democratic republic, the peaceful transition from one president to another, and turned into a joke.

He lies with impunity while the members of his cult eat it up like a double-cone from Baskin-Robbins. He has turned once honorable American veterans into buffoons as they openly reject the oath they took to protect our nation in favor of protecting a “man” who is controlled by the head of Russia, Vladimir Putin. They watch as his grifter crime family steals our nation blind while bending over and saying, “Thank you, Sir, may I have another.”

His time is coming to a close, but not soon enough for the well-being of our nation as it appears obvious the next trick up his sleeve will be to sell our nation’s classified secrets to the highest bidder.

We have been screwed by a master and as difficult as it will be President Biden and Vice President Harris, along with a cadre of true Americans, will pull us out of this black hole Typhoid Donnie has dumped us into, but it’s going to be a long hard battle. Gird your loins Americans, we’ve got a lot of work to do.


The Intelligence community for the first time is concerned about State secrets being put on the "market" for a former administration. They have been individual concerns in prior administrations, but nothing to the risk level of this administration.

Think about that for awhile...

Dawn King

Where did you get that information?


Dawn, here a few sites reporting on Typhoid Donnie’s perceived threat to our national security -

Joe Nobody

Where's McSally? Where's Ducey?


The Mexican Riviera for one last...well, you know.


Who is McSally, I don't remember them...


Trump is making USA look bad.


For about 4 years he's been making America look bad.


Trump is again demonstrating poor leadership skills. The virus numbers going up up and trump is acting like a two year old. I would never want him on my squad. Go home baby.


Remember this - the Supreme Court ruled electors who select the president can be required to cast their ballot for the candidate who won their state’s popular vote. The justices unanimously rejected the claim that electors have a right under the Constitution to defy their states and vote for the candidate of their choice.

“Electors are not free agents,” Justice Elena Kagan said for the court in Chiafalo vs. Washington. “They are to vote for the candidate whom the state’s voters have chosen.” Article II of the Constitution and the 12th Amendment “give states broad power over electors, and give electors themselves no rights,” she said.


Shishkabob got speared again with his own words.


Who is "Shishkabob?" Is that another of those little voices that bang around in the gummy damaged head of yours?


Brnovich and Cindy McCain are very close and Biden was her choice, just saying.


Watching the deep state struggle in desperation with the lie to tell big enough and long enough and loud enough


Watching the conservative/fascists struggle desperately to defend Typhoid Donnie as he destroys yer another great American tradition - the peaceful transition to the next duly elected president of the Unite States - is truly disgusting, But then these traitors to our nation have always been disgusting.


So now you recognize that tRUMP and his supporters are the deep state! Good for you!

BigBob redirects to Typhoid Donnie's Wikipedia page.[smile]


Does this guy have a crystal ball? Sounds a lot like our own Shiskabob.


Who is "Shiskabob?" Is that another of those "little voices" that your gummy damaged brain listens to? And it does not take a "crystal ball" to understand the basic fact - Typhoid Donnie is done, period.


It's simple math Simon. No crystal ball involved - just the ability to count.


And that count proves Typhoid Donnie is through with his attempts to destroy our nation at the calling of his butt-buddy Putin.


Well that counts simon out...


Your god in the White House used the Mattel "magic eight ball" and look at where that got us! It takes a stand-up guy to accept defeat and move on to other important things in life. Small hands looked sullen yesterday at the Veterans Memorial. Don't know whether he was thinking about his dark future in the courts, his huge debt or if his hair would hold steady in the rain. He did shed some light on his dark thoughts, he may run in 2024, if he is not serving time for his crimes and misdemeanors. In the interim this lame duck heads what remains of a watered down staff akin to the gang that couldn't shoot straight, filled with bumblers. It is unfortunate for all that he must remain until January 20, he should be evicted now! Do think this holds true now? “I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose voters.”


Sorry I voted for him last election.


Sadly we all make mistakes in our lives, but recognizing our errors is a strong indicator of courage and character.


monicaphill - I did too, but I am an republican patriot and after I saw what he really is I voted Biden in 2020. I feel like I have made up for my mistake.

tRUMP said, "America first" but he always put himself before America as evidenced right now as he fights the will of the people. The people have spoken and he will burn down our American principles trying to fight the inevitable... He is a traitor to everything I believe in.


HavasuGuy, kudos to you and monicaphill, and to the apprentice in the White House, the voters have spoken . . . You're fired!,

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