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Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake visits with Mohave County supporters Saturday at Hualapai Mountain Park, for the 78th Annual Mohave County Central Committee Picnic. As of July, HighGround polling showed that Lake maintained a lead of 39% of the vote over competitor Karrin Taylor Robson, who held about 35% of the poll this month.


PHOENIX — Kari Lake declared victory Wednesday in the Republican gubernatorial primary even as votes were being counted and even as she continued to insist there is evidence of fraud in Arizona elections -- evidence she would not share with the media.

“I’m not going to release it to the fake news,’’ she said at a press conference in front of her campaign office. “Why would I release it to a bunch of people who denied there was fraud when there was obviously fraud?’’


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Mohave Crone

Lake, like other Trump supported candidates, takes a page from Trump’s playbook claiming there is “obvious fraud” but never providing any evidence and she has already set the stage that if she doesn’t win, the election was “rigged”. Oh, and she also gave us some retro Trump with “fake news” comments. If anyone is embarrassing the State of AZ, it’s Kari Lake.

Joseph Vetter

[thumbup][thumbup][thumbup] Don't forget COVID-45's tragically flawed Gosar and Biggs who continue the "big lie", white supremacy. violence and bloodshed!

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