A Lake Havasu City police officer’s observation during a routine patrol led to the arrest of two city denizens for suspected drug trafficking.

Paul Allen Kornish, 48, and Tracie Bishoff, 50, are both facing several felony counts after an April 2 traffic stop on State Route 95.

According to police, an officer was patrolling near Retail Center Boulevard when he saw a group of vehicles approaching his location. The officer said the vehicles, five were following too closely. When the officer checked the plate of one of them, a gray Acura SUV, the number came back to a 1993 Ford Ranger with a mandatory insurance suspension.

When the officer stopped the vehicle, he learned the driver, Kornish, didn’t have the vehicle registration, but was licensed. Kornish told the officer the vehicle belonged to a friend, who told him “the vehicle was all straight.”

Kornish said he and Bishoff were returning from California because he was dealing with life insurance paperwork for his mother and stepfather.

The officer spoke with Kornish while another officer spoke to Bishoff.

Police said both gave conflicting stories about their trip from California. One officer asked Kornish why his pupils were so constricted and he said it was because they had stopped to rest on the trip, which would normally take about four hours, but had taken the two about 12. The officer also noticed that Bishoff was missing some of her teeth.

An officer asked Kornish about drug use and he said that he had last used heroin three years ago. The officer also said that Kornish said his pupils were “always that size” because his eyes are blue.

Both officers asked the two people if there was any methamphetamine or other contraband in the SUV and they both allegedly said there wasn’t.

A city K-9 officer then arrived and performed an “open-air” sniff with his service dog after Kornish refused a search. Bishoff then got out of the SUV while holding a small Chihuahua. The K-9 officer said his dog alerted to the presence of narcotics in or around the vehicle.

Officers then searched the SUV and found two pipes in the dog bed. They contained meth and marijuana residue. An animal control officer responded to the scene and he said any amount of marijuana or meth ingested by the dog, which weighed 1.8 pounds, could be fatal.

After officers completed their search, they found 15 bags of heroin, weighing about 1.5 ounces. They also found three bags of meth, weighing about one ounce, and four bags of marijuana.

Kornish and Bishoff were both taken to the city Jail.


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