Plans for facility

This depicts the plans for the new $3 billion renewable energy data center coming to Mohave County. It will be operational by the end of this year.

“The Hive” is coming to Mohave County, and it’s here for the sunshine.

A new $3 billion, 340 Megawatt solar powered data center is planned for the area just south of Kingman on Interstate 40 and just north of Griffith Energy Facility, according to a Mohave County press release.

A solar field, dubbed “The Hive,” will span 717 acres of land south of Kingman and just north of the Griffith Energy Facility on Interstate 40. It will be operated in a partnership between Pegasus Group Holdings and Plus Minus Power.

According to Tami Ursenbach, director of the Mohave County Economic Development Department, the project will be above ground and consist of separate mobile solar trailers with approximately 1,000 containers, hence the nickname. Ursenbach said this allows for more security. For example, if one unit is affected by something or goes down, it won’t affect any other units.

Pegasus Group Holdings is a technology infrastructure corporation that develops renewable energy projects, and it announced Tuesday that it selected the county for the new data center due to its “abundant sunshine, quality labor force and the overwhelming support of Supervisor Jean Bishop and the Mohave County Board of Supervisors,” according to Jay Bloom, Pegasus Group Holdings’ Board member.

“It was the most exciting, joy-filled experience to work with them,” Ursenbach said.

Ursenbach said no incentives were offered to the company to bring the data center to Mohave County. The data center is expected to offer 50 new jobs for those in surrounding communities.

Supervisor Ron Gould said he thinks the announcement is great, and that Mohave County needs these high-tech industry facilities, especially with paying jobs. Gould said it fits in with the county’s plans to include more industrial businesses on the Interstate 40 corridor.

According to Bishop, the new project is “reported to be the largest solar powered data center in the world.”

CEO of Plus Minus Power Dan Briggs said “This is one of the most exciting uses of our solar generator assets that we have seen to date, and we look forward to moving into Mohave County with our largest installation ever.”

“The tremendous sense of welcome and cooperation by the local government has allowed us to accelerate the launch of our project which will be operational by the end of 2019,” Bloom said.

Ursenbach said that if one happens to drive north on the I-40 and glance off the road just past Griffith Energy Facility, movement is already visible and the project is powering right along.


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And no word on how large the data center will be. Will it have 1000 servers or 10,000 servers. And how far will the data center be from population centers? How are the servers going to be cooled. Where will the water come from for cooling?


Interesting, not a word about storage unless each unit has its own battery storage unit which is really important for intermittent renewable power like solar and wind. I wonder what is going to power the center after the sun goes down? Do you suppose it is the natural gas powered Griffith power plant? That mean more evening air pollution but I guess that is better than nothing. And does this have anything to do with the 25,000 acres of land Bill Gates bought just west of Phoenix for his advanced city? A little more detail in the article would have been helpful. Here is a link.


Skeptical there will be anywhere near $3B spent building this "data center" - in 50 years maybe. I'm glad to see this, and Sups are right to cheer, but my guess is it's mostly rah-rah hype for these small companies. Keep an eye on Economic Development.

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