Scout the Golden Eagle

In addition to Scout the Golden Eagle, Belle the Hawk and Helen the Falcon will join Martin Tyner when he presents two free animal conservation programs in Lake Havasu City on Thursday and Friday.

It’s not unusual to see birds of prey in the sky, but we rarely get an up-close look at the magnificent raptors outside of a zoo.

That will change this week when Martin Tyner of the Southwest Wildlife Foundation of Utah comes to Lake Havasu City with his Golden Eagle, Harris Hawk and Peregrine Falcon. He will present two free educational wildlife shows at the Aquatic Center.

His trio of birds are good travelers, he said. Scout the Eagle is joined by Belle the Hawk and Helen the Falcon for the Havasu engagement.

“They’ll sleep most of the way,” Tyner said of his five-hour journey to Havasu. “Helen is mostly blind, so we named her after Helen Keller. She is good about teaching so many people about conservation,” Tyner said. Helen and Belle were born in captive breeding programs. Scout was not.

Tyner’s 90-minute presentations are 7 p.m. on Thursday and 5 p.m. on Friday.

Tyner has more than 50 years’ experience with large birds. He has nearly 50,000 subscribers on YouTube with over 10 million views. He is a currently a nominee for the 2020 Indianapolis Prize, a leading award for animal conservation.

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