Fire boat extinguishes flames

A fire boat puts out a fire on an 18-foot Rinker boat on Thursday evening near Windsor Beach.

No one was injured after an 18-foot Rinker boat caught fire Thursday night around 6 p.m a few hundred yards off the shore at Windsor Beach in Lake Havasu City.

The two adult and two child passengers all escaped safely and were transported back to shore by someone in a separate boat on the lake, according to Lake Havasu City Fire Department Battalion Chief Mike Quijada.

The fire started in the engine compartment and continued to burn for less than an hour as a Havasu fire boat and a San Bernardino County fire boat put it out in the middle of the lake. Once the fire was contained it was towed to shore, where it was overhauled.

You may contact the

Officials are responding to a fire on Lake Havasu that has fully engulfed a boat. The fire is near Windsor Beach.

The News-Herald will provide more information as it is available.


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Rick Ware

Gina: Glad you and your family are safe from this ordeal. But all I have to say is "WOW!!." It seems you were more at risk after the accident than the accident itself. Again, I'm glad no harm came to you and your family.


That boat belonged to my children and I. It was a very scary ordeal for sure, having to jump overboard with it going up in flames. The worst part was getting to shore and being set upon by Capt Sean Jessen from Sea Tow and having them try to trick me into signing paperwork so they could charge me up to $5,000 to tow my boat away. They asked for my credit card and drivers licence while I was still choking on smoke and trying to catch my breath. They didn't say who they were at first and were using all kinds of language to make me think that it was urgent and mandatory for me to use their services. It wasn't until I spoke with the rangers and was told that they were just a tow company looking for business. They argued with the other tow company there and tried to discredit them and hounded us the entire time we were there until we pulled away with our boat on our own trailer. They tried to tell me they had "custody" of my boat since they pulled it in from the lake and that there were "fees" involved with that even though I told them that I pay for Vessal Assist yearly, they still hooked onto my boat and pulled it in then wanted $ on the spot. They hounded my father when he came to help me. When I told them I wasn't going to use their services they started taking pictures of my family and our licence plates, saying they were going to sue us. Then when my friend, who is the wife of a fireman that was on the scene, came to help me they told her "I'm glad all firemen cheat on their wives." I couldn't believe how they were behaving, like vultures circling prey. It was a terrible experience made even worse by Sea Tow's and Capt Sean Jessen's harassment.


Are the boat owners locals? So happy everyone was safe.


Still no update on what went wrong???

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