Lake Havasu City Police

City Council members approved a $148.6 ($148,611,388) million tentative budget at Tuesday’s meeting. The final budget will be voted on during the June 25 meeting. Here’s a closer look at Lake Havasu City’s spending plans:


$20M ($19,998,779)

Last year: $22.8M ($22,766.917)

Percent of total budget: 13.5%


- Operations and maintenance: $1.9M ($1,935,028)

- salary/part-time pay: $7.2M ($7,233,154)

- Benefits and taxes: $5.6M ($5,602,760)

Approximately $7.2 million will cover full-time salaries and part-time pay, with an additional $5.6 million spent on personnel benefits and taxes. Roughly $1.9M will be set aside for maintenance and operations.


$16.6M ($16,637,997)

Last year: $19.3M ($19,306,078)

Percent of total budget: 11.2%


- Operations and maintenance: $965K ($964,600)

- salary/part-time pay: $5.6M ($5,652,900)

- Benefits and taxes: $5.3M ($5,307,563)

Approximately $5.6 million will cover full-time salaries and part-time pay, with an additional $5.3 million spent on personnel benefits and taxes. Roughly $965K will be set aside for maintenance and operations.


$4M ($3,986,969)

Last year: $5.3M

Percent of total budget: 2.7%


- Operations (public works) administration: $22k ($21,814)

- Havasu mobility: $287k ($287,008)

- Maintenance services: $3M ($3,084,120)

- Vehicle maintenance: $594k ($594,027)

Approximately $3 million will be used for maintenance services, $594K for vehicle maintenance, $287K for Havasu Mobility and $22K for operations administration.


$89.6M (over 5 years)

19/20 fiscal year: $21.4M ($21,396,230)

Last year: $8M ($7,970,472)

Percent of total budget: 14.4%


- Environmental Learning Center & Downtown Catalyst

- Upgrades to Aquatic Center HVAC system

- Dick Samp Memorial Park improvements

- Rebuild of Fire Station 5

- New Municipal Courthouse

- Airport improvements

- City’s utilities infrastructure

Some of the projects planned for the next five years include improvements to Dick Samp Memorial Park, upgrades to the Aquatic Center HVAC system, a rebuild of Fire Station No. 5, a new municipal courthouse, an Environmental Learning Center & Downtown Catalyst and improvements to the airport.


$2M ($2,027,622)

Last year: $1.9M ($1,896,804)

Percent of total budget: 1.4%


- Operations and Maintenance: $467K ($466,880)

- salaries/part-time: $1M ($1,082,839)

- Benefits and taxes: $446k ($445,902)

Approximately $1 million will cover full-time salaries and part-time pay, with an additional $446K spent on personnel benefits and taxes. Roughly $467K will be set aside for maintenance and operations.


$5.2M ($5,209,816)

Last year: $3.3M ($3,264,642)

Percent of total budget: 3.5%


- Operations and maintenance: $1.5M ($1,525,997)

- salaries/part-time: $2.5M ($2,544,460)

- Benefits and taxes: $939k ($939,377)

Approximately $2.5 million will cover full-time salaries and part-time pay, with an additional $939K spent on personnel benefits and taxes. Roughly $1.5M will be set aside for maintenance and operations.


$5.8M ($5,829,273)

Last year: $5.2M

Percent of total budget: 3.9%


- City attorney: $945k ($945,682)

- City clerk: $252k ($251,938)

- City council: $220k ($220,301)

- City manager: $399k ($399,151)

- Community affairs: $110k ($109,868)

- Human resources: $614k ($614,474)

- Administrative services: $3.3M ($3,287,859)

Approximately $3.3 million will be used for administrative services, $945K for the city attorney’s office, $614K for human resources, $339K for the city manager’s office, $252K for the city clerk’s office, $220K for the City Council and $110K for community affairs.


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There seems to a distinct lack of concept on the Return on Investment (ROI) as it applies to government. This is a mistake made constantly by the intellectually challenged who confuse the functions of government (at all levels) with the dollar earning capacity of each entity – which is inaccurate. Let’s first consider that ROI is functionally a ratio between the net profit and cost of an investment. In purely economic terms, it is one way of relating profits to capital invested. ROI is a performance measure used by BUSINESSES to identify the efficiency of an investment or number of different investments. ROI may be calculated in terms other than financial gain. For example, Social Return on Investment (SROI) is a principles-based method for measuring extra-financial value (i.e., environmental and social values not reflected in conventional financial accounts) relative to resources invested. This is the primary type of ROI applied to government entities. It can be used by any entity to evaluate the impact on stakeholders (taxpayers), identify ways to improve performance and enhance the performance of investments. As a former business owner I was almost always concerned with ROI. However there were times when ROI proved to be a useless metric. To keep it simple there was no tangible ROI to the coffee makers, microwaves and refrigerators in the break rooms. However the SROI was factored in as being important to the employees - despite there not being a tangible dollar return on the purchases – bringing about the “Happy employee does good work” concept. When examining the operation of a city the ROI of such things as schools, roads, fire departments and police departments (to name just a few) is a pointless endeavor. Each of those items do not produce any financial profit to the community, they basically take taxpayer dollars to provide infrastructure while making the community a better place to live, i.e. - SROI.


Reading your comments is like going to college! Now can you explain the ROI on the Wastefinding Project that we had to invest in so tourists could navigate the city streets with those "pretty" baby blue signs and those sign posts being located on the sidewalks of McCulloch Blvd. What ROI does a business person realize when they "buy" into the Dead Mall!?


Waiter! Over here I would like to buy some cheese for Doors table to go with his whine.


I don't live in a neglected part of town and we don't have curbs and were getting gravel washed away when monsoons come. So I and other neighbors put heavy rock on the edge of the road and problem solved in heavy monsoon storms. A few months ago I came home and a lot of blacktop and crap was halfway up my apron and all of the other homes. I thought maybe they blew out the crap in the road to do slurry seal. So I swept the crap off my driveway into the side gravel in the yard and even made sure the edge of the apron was clean so I could get a good slurry job. But now I realize Front door it was just a poor sweeping job by the contractor. Oh well I have a broom and figure oh well that's Havasu. Lived here 25yrs so I am used to it and love Havasu.


Seems like a responsible budget! Environmental Learning Center & Downtown Catalyst may be the questionable item. Do we really need one?


Yes, we do. Thank you for asking.


Why? What is the return on the investment?


1) The Downtown Catalyst Project has been redesigned as a people-driven “flex-space” for community events and is expected to drive residents and visitors into the downtown area and create a catalyst for growth. The Catalyst Project would include 18,000 square feet of restaurant, retail and community space. The community space would allow for public ceremonies and outdoor recreation. 2)An Environmental Learning Center at what was once known as the Havasu 280 – now known as the Havasu Riviera Project. The Environmental Learning Center is in itself an ambitious project. Comprising 500,000 square feet of outdoor space, and 9,000 square feet of business space, the facility will include learning and educational spaces, water quality labs and other amenities that could prove invaluable to researchers on the Colorado River. I have no idea what your – return on investment – means (and I doubt you do), but the overall benefit to the community is a plus.


I would not expect many to understand roi. It is often to easy to use buzz words like "invaluable" when the know a project lacks financial justification. This project like the Riviera project will prove to be a financial burden. Crazy numbers were used to defend the tax payers participation in the Riviera project.


Was there "due diligence" included so we are not exposed to those overruns the city is noted for!


I hope the budget includes "street cleaning" or a guy with a push broom because the existing contractor is terrible and all he does is push rock onto driveway aprons! How about "curbs" so rain does not wash away half of the rocks from my house and others on the downhill streets of the city. Then we would not be dependent on the 8 week clean-up of pay loaders and road scrapers who then re-distribute our front lawns throughout the neighborhood road sides. Your turn HR!


As I have said many, many times - if you dislike living here so much, MOVE! I cannot imagine what sad, neglected part of the city you live in, but street cleaning in my area is very well done and I have no curbs, But I will bet dollars to donuts if you were faced with a bill to put in curbs you would whine about it for years and years.


Rovr I have to agree with you on this one.

Dawn King

Well, clutch my pearls and grab the smelling salts, I feel faint!


You comment on the "Downtown Catalyst Project", the "flex space" for the community. You are kidding? Right? This mingling you speak of is a politicians tale, a dream that will never happen as it has been published in a number of costly "studies" with no results. Your rhetoric on this space for the residents of this city?, near the Pawn shop?, Gun Emporium?, Tattoo place?, BJ's Tavern and the Desert Martini?, yep, just a great gathering place close to the wash on McCulloch with the concrete lawn and picnic tables. I truly believe someone took your beloved "Teddy Bear" or you fell from your crib when you were a little shaver. The Riviera? do they have electric yet? LOL!


Ahh look at you! You so hate this community that you post this kind of trash, "...a dream that will never happen...". That is exactly the same thing said about Lake Havasu City in the 1960s by the usual brand of naysyers and repeated again when the London Bridge was brought here. And now we have a vibrant city of 55,000 who, for the most part, actually like the place where they chose to live. The only unsolved mystery is why people who hate the community they chose to move, to remain here. And why you find it necessary to make asinine comments about my falling from a crib or losing a Teddy Bear is another of the mysteries that surround you. [yawn]


According to some on the comment page, only " haters" have positions grounded in fact! It's my way or the "Hwy" only knows hyperbole to advance a position.

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