Carlos A. Estrella

Carlos A. Estrella

Lake Havasu City Police officers greeted a San Diego man with guns drawn last Monday, after receiving a call for assistance from a California law enforcement agency.

Carlos A. Estrella, 37, was a fugitive as of June 4, wanted on charges of attempted murder in Riverside County. Law enforcement officials from the city of Hemet, California, contacted the Lake Havasu City Police Department to inform officers of the warrant for Estrella’s arrest. Havasu officers were informed that Estrella would be found at the Safeway supermarket on McCulloch Boulevard.

Officers arrived at the location and positioned themselves at the store's exits as undercover detectives watched for Estrella, the report said. Estrella exited the supermarket at about 7 p.m., according to police, and was confronted by armed officers.

Estrella was ordered to bare his hands to officers and lie on the ground, the report said, and Estrella complied. According to police, Estrella was armed only with a bag of groceries and a half-gallon of milk at the time of his arrest.

Estrella was transported to Lake Havasu City Jail without incident, where he was booked and held for court. He is now incarcerated at Mohave County Jail on $200,000 bond, pending a July 3 fugitive hearing in Mohave County Superior Court.

Attempts to gain more information about Estrella’s initial charges from California law enforcement agencies were unsuccessful as of Tuesday afternoon.


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only in havasu

These thugs think Havasu is a safe-haven? This is like the one at Smiths a while back where 6 cop cars swooped in on an armed felon parolee here from California. They took three guns from inside that dudes car... Ridiculous.


I apologize for my error in misunderstanding the posters intent - i.e. the milk. No excuse just pure stupidity on my part. I have, indeed, been hoisted on my petard.


What happened to the gallon of milk?


released on its own recognizance, lol.....


Reading is not your long suit, is it? - He is now incarcerated at Mohave County Jail on $200,000 bond, pending a July 3 fugitive hearing in Mohave County Superior Court. -


Hmm...HwyRovr..why must you attack everyone??? The person that replied to my comment about the milk was obviously commenting on the Milt...not the your comment about not being able to read should be re directed to you...oh and yeah...get a life....


I do apologize for my error in understanding what the poster was speaking of, ie the milk. I have justifiably been hoisted on my petard. Once again, my error.

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