A California man was arrested on multiple felony charges on Aug. 11 after allegedly threatening the lives of several people whom he was with inside an Air BnB, the man also allegedly threw knives at his companions which included women and young children.

The Lake Havasu City Police Department said it arrested Ray Janis at 2:12 a.m., ultimately charging him with six counts of disorderly conduct with a weapon, six counts of disorderly conduct, three counts of assault with a deadly weapon/dangerous instrument, three counts of aggravated assault on a minor, three counts of child abuse, six counts of threats/intimidation, and a charge for criminal damage domestic violence.

According to the victims, the incident began when Janis was in the living room by himself when he allegedly punched the TV for unknown reasons. Later, Janis came outside and sat at the table before stating that he was going to kill everybody, including specifically threatening the lives of the people in the residence.

The two victims then went inside and locked all the doors, but Janis managed to get inside after calmly knocking on the door. Janis then allegedly started throwing items around the house. As he approached the knives, one of the females took refuge in the bathroom, while several of the kids locked themselves in the bedroom.

Janis allegedly continued to threaten the lives of the people in the residence, and grabbed knives from the knife block on the counter before throwing them into different rooms throughout the house, reportedly narrowly missing several victims, including an eight year old child.

Eventually Lake Havasu City Police Officers were able to gain entry into the residence and take Janis into custody.


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But if I don't have a knife how can I butter my bread and cut up the cardboard to put in the recycle bin?

Can Of Corn

We need to ban Kalifornians from trespassing into Arizona.




This is a good example of why we need better knife laws in America! Anyone can get their hands on a knife now a days, background checks would have prevented this!

bob b

Why do everyday people even need knives? They were made for one purpose only: to cut things and hurt people. Every knife is a potential assault knife and can cut dozens of people very quickly. We need to re-write the Constitution and ban all knives!

Mr Lemons


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