An Arcadia, California man died Thursday evening while swimming in Lake Havasu.

The man, whose name will not be released by authorities until his family can be notified, jumped into the water to cool down near the center of the lake across from the west point of the Island. Due to a storm that was blowing in, the boat drifted away from the man as he swam, Mohave County Sheriff’s Deputy Rich Coughlin said.

There were two women on the boat at the time and one was able to maneuver it closer to the man who was beginning to struggle to keep his head above the choppy water.

“As they tried to get the boat closer to him, he began to submerge under the water. One female then jumped into the water,” Coughlin said.

By the time the two women pulled him back onto the boat, the man was not responsive.

Lake Havasu City Fire Department Battalion Chief Jasen Stello said the man’s cause of death has not been determined. Coughlin said a medical condition may be a factor and the incident is still under investigation.

According to reports made to Lake Havasu City dispatchers, CPR was performed on the man for approximately 40 minutes before authorities received word of the incident. The women brought the boat to Site Six where the man was pronounced dead on arrival.


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Time To Speak

Cursed? Not, But as the MCSO Water Deputy keeps saying WEAR A LIFE JACKET!!!!
Kindof like a helmet on a motorcycle! Safety 1st or pay the price if it goes wrong!


Alcohol more than likely is the cause if I had to guess


Sad ,Sad,Sad, you think this lake is cursed , this summer anyway.

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