A La Puente man was arrested Wednesday morning on misdemeanor charges of assault, criminal damage to property and disorderly conduct at a McCulloch Boulevard bar.

Officers were called shortly after midnight to the location, where 26-year-old Jonathan W. Ramirez was reported to have struck one of the business’ security guards after allegedly causing a disturbance.

According to statements allegedly taken by one of the bar’s employees, Ramirez shouted profanities at the bartender, then knocked a martini glass to the floor. A security guard allegedly told Ramirez to leave the business, and according to police, Ramirez shoved him. The guard attempted to escort Ramirez from the bar, according to the report, but Ramirez allegedly broke free and struck one of the business’ other patrons. Security guards were eventually able to remove Ramirez from the business as police were called, the report said.

Officers questioned Ramirez at the scene, where he allegedly told police that he had been playing a game of pool. One of the business’ security guards bet against him, police quoted Ramirez, and became upset when Ramirez won.

According to Ramirez’s alleged statement to police, the bar’s security guard attacked him after the game was finished. He told police he had done nothing wrong, the report said.

Ramirez was taken into custody, and allegedly submitted to a portable breath-test. The test yielded a blood-alcohol concentration of 0.122, the report said.

Upon his arrival at Lake Havasu City Jail, Ramirez was unconscious in the back of the arresting officer’s cruiser, and had no interest in speaking further with police.


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