Despite being home to some of the most beautiful scenery in Arizona, there are some sights on the Bridgewater Channel that visitors would rather remain unseen.

On Aug. 3, witnesses allegedly reported a nude man boating in the channel, intoxicated and exposing himself to onlookers. While such activity isn’t unheard of on the channel, it’s usually a misdemeanor – unless it’s seen by children. Now, 47-year-old California resident Mark M. Braun is being charged with one felony count of indecent exposure and one count of disorderly conduct.

The reporting party was visiting the channel with his friend’s children when they saw Braun, who was allegedly making lewd gestures while standing nude on his watercraft. The children noticed Braun first, according to police, and alerted adults to what they had seen.

Braun appeared to be visibly intoxicated when confronted by officers, the report said – and was still nude while officers spoke with him. According to police, Braun had no explanation for his nudity. Braun was arrested at the scene, and appeared in Mohave Superior Court on Tuesday.


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