Zoom forum

All six City Council candidates participate in a Zoom forum with the Lake Havasu Association of Realtors last month. Thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, virtual events like this one have taken the place of traditional campaign flesh-pressing.

Half of the candidates running for City Council haven’t been raising money to finance their primary campaigns.

David Lane, Gordon Groat and David Jaramillo have not reported any campaign finance information to the Lake Havasu City Clerk’s Office leading up to the Aug. 4 primary election. City Clerk Kelly Williams said those candidates have not raised more than the $500 threshold that requires a candidate to form an organization and report its finances. The other three candidates for the three open City Council seats have turned in all of their information dating back to the beginning of 2020 through July 18.

Nancy Campbell has raised a total of $12,414.37 for her campaign, which is a little bit more than all off the other candidates combined. Cameron Moses has reported raising $8,285, Mike Bonney has brought in $3,720.85, and none of the other candidates have formed organizations.

Campbell has also brought in the most in terms of donations with $8,050 given to her campaign by individuals. In all, 20 people have donated to Campbell’s campaign with Jeff Gilbert giving the most with a $1,500 contribution followed by Sandy Nagel who gave $1,000. Campbell’s campaign has also received 13 donations between $101 and $500, and another five donations between $50 and $100.

Moses has received the most individual contributions to his campaign with 43 donors contributing a total of $7,175. Moses’ top donor, Jeff Cilbert, gave $1,000. Moses has also received 20 donations of between $101 and $500, 19 donations between $51 and $100 and three donations of $50 or less.

Bonney has received a total of $800 in donations including two $250 donations, a $200 donation and a $100 donation.

In addition to donations, Campbell has contributed $1,864.37 of her personal money to the campaign and has loaned her campaign $2,500. Moses has contributed $1,110 of his money to his campaign. Mike Bonney has loaned his campaign $2,920.85.

Campbell’s campaign also leads in spending through July 18, reporting $11,666.54 spent compared to $7,379.39 spent by Moses and $3,072.50 spent by Bonney so far.


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