Cori Merryman

Fort Mohave business owners Mark and Qun Collins filed a lawsuit against Mohave County Sheriff’s Candidate Cori Merryman, after members of Merryman’s campaign staff allegedly posted false or defaming statements about them online.

According to Qun Collins, the lawsuit stems from posts made by Alicia Hartwig, a volunteer for Merryman’s campaign. after Qun Collins voiced her support for another candidate in the race for Sheriff. Collins said that when a campaign advertisement for Merryman appeared on the Facebook business page of Fort Mohave Dental, she posted a comment regarding her concerns about Merryman’s character.

Hartwig allegedly copied a photo from Fort Mohave Dental’s Facebook page and used it to imply that Qun’s partner, Mark Collins, was a sexist. Since then, Qun said, Fort Mohave Dental has received calls and messages from supporters of Merryman, to the extent of harassment. The business itself has received negative reviews on its Facebook page since the initial posts were made, by people who have never been customers of Fort Mohave Dental.

Hartwig’s Facebook profile indicated at the time of the complaint that Hartwig was “D1 Director to elect Constitutional, Cori Merryman for Mohave County Sheriff.” As a representative of Merryman’s campaign, Qun Collins said, Merryman is equally liable for potentially libelous content posted by Hartwig.

According to Merryman, Collins is mistaken as to Hartwig’s position on Merryman’s campaign staff. Merryman said that Hartwig is not her campaign manager, but a volunteer on Merryman’s campaign.

Merryman also said that Collins’s contention extends further than any statements given by Hartwig. As a Mohave County Sheriff’s Deputy, Merryman arrested Mark Collins seven years ago on charges of assault, at the behest of her superiors. Collins was ultimately found “not guilty,” but Merryman believes that Collins has held a grudge.

“He’s been blasting me on Facebook, accusing me of making a false arrest,” Merryman said. “It’s not something he took up with me or my supervisor back then. It’s strange that he’s bringing it up now, after I’ve received endorsements from two mayors for my campaign.”

Merryman said she believes Collins’s lawsuit to be an attempt, backed by Merryman’s opponents, to discredit her prior to the election.

“They started this,” Merryman said. “If anything, I should be the one suing them. This is a frivolous lawsuit – a scare tactic used by campaigns that are failing.”

In reference to harassing phone calls made toward Qun and Mark Collins, Merryman says that she would never direct one of her staff or volunteers to take negative action against someone else. “If they are getting harassing phone calls, I discourage that type of behavior,” Merryman said.


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Do we really have to put up with a sheriff with a 9th grade education?


Rock Thrower, for your information, a DDS is a DOCTOR of Dentistry.

DrMark Collins

Dismissed by who? You?

LEOW Arizona

I will also be MORE then happy to share my conversations with them to just about anyone!!

LEOW Arizona

I to have had the pleasure of being attacked by the Merryman campaign management. I know for me this is NOT what Mohave County needs! If she is so willing to allow her campaign management to treat VOTERS like this imagine what will happen to Mohave County with her as sheriff! I have also made sure to take screenshots of my husband's job being threatened by Ed Mac and also some other LOVELY comments made by a few others who represent her. I am absolutely appalled by things these people have said to others and Heaven help us all if Merryman gets in office.

DrMark Collins

The following message is from Dr. Mark Collins.
This is going to be my first time sharing my opinion on a public forum regarding my involvement in the civil law suit against Mohave County Sheriff Candidate, Cori Merryman and her D1 Campaign Manager, Alicia Hartwig for slandering us.
Back in February, Dr. Qun Collins, my ex-wife voiced her political opinions on our dental Facebook page about her concerns of Ms. Merryman running for Mohave County Sheriff, after she saw Ms. Merryman’s advertisement on our business Facebook page. Ms. Merryman automatically assumed that I was the one posting the political opinions and started to attack me relentlessly. She stated, “what determined Dr. Collins opinion of my being dishonest? It would have to be an involvement with him, and that involvement was an arrest.” Immediately Ms. Merryman’s supporters started making hurtful comments implying I am a criminal and sexist.
Ms. Merryman’s D1 Campaign Manager Alicia Hartwig hijacked our office Christmas pictures to Ms. Merryman’s page, making comments like, “guess which girl gets paid the best?”, insinuating I pay them for sex. This in turn sparked a rash of slanderous comments and attacks on Ms. Merryman’s page and her supporters’ pages. One of Ms. Merryman’s supporters, Ms. Bonnie Kelley not only shared our office pictures, she also made sexual and insulting comments about our staff. I don’t even want to repeat her language here.
Even after Dr. Qun Collins came out and stated that she was the one who vented her political opinions, Ms. Merryman, her husband Ed Mac, her D1 Campaign Manager Alicia Hartwig, continue to make personal attacks on me and my staff.
Our staff made great effort trying to have Ms. Merryman to remove the offensive comments and pictures from her Facebook page, she and her D1 Campaign manager ignored their request. During that time period, Ms. Merryman’s hard working D1 campaign manager, Alicia Hartwig shared our office pictures with slanderous remarks onto at least 3 other Facebook pages and groups. Ms. Hartwig even came to our dental Facebook site and gave us a low 1-star review with a negative comment, even though she has never been a patient of our office. It was only after we filed the lawsuit Ms. Hartwig quietly removed the negative 1-star review.
Ms. Merryman and her D1 Campaign manager’s actions left us no option but to file a law suit to stop their attacks.
Ms. Merryman indicated that our law suit is motivated by helping and supporting another candidate for Mohave County Sheriff to win. It is hard to believe a candidate for a public office would engage in such tactics implying another candidate is behind this law suit or involved in our legal actions. All I want to say is that I’m a regular voter who has the right to exercise my right to support whoever I want.
Why did Mohave County Sheriff Candidate Cori Merryman, her D1 Campaign Manager Alicia Hartwig and her supporters attack me personally? Perhaps it is because as a man I’m an easy target for them to accuse of being sexist. Perhaps because Ms. Merryman may still hold a grudge on the fact that I was found innocent by a judge even though she wrongfully arrested me, and testified against me in court.
We believe in the rule of law and will let the judge to decide.
Thank you,
Dr. Mark Collins

GiGi Gorton

Hello Dr. Collins,
Before I start asking questions regarding your comments here, I want to make it very clear that I am actually in no way politically attached or paid by anyone to ask these questions...I'm just curious for my own reason, I'm not even a Republican to be honest..But since you are suing one of our candidates for SHERIFF, I want to get the facts straight...Mostly because I think some common sense is lacking in some of the comments on here...
Ok, let me start by quoting said :
"my ex-wife voiced her political opinions on our dental Facebook page about her concerns of Ms. Merryman running for Mohave County Sheriff, after she saw Ms. Merryman’s advertisement on our business Facebook page. Ms. Merryman automatically assumed that I was the one posting the political opinions and started to attack me relentlessly. "
SO, you're saying that because it wasn't YOU who assassinated Cori's character on your business page, just your EX WIFE , then how dare Cori blame you...Correct ??
Well, isn't that what you yourself are doing to Cori ?? You are suing her for what you say is ill-behaved gross behavior of someone else, who just so happens to be a volunteer ?? Next, where has Cori ever announced Ms. Hartwig as her actual campaign manager ?? From what I've witnessed, Cori has been a blindsided victim by the same person. How can anyone be held responsible for the actions of others ? So, you're saying that due to the attacks on you by people who claim to support Cori , must mean that Cori deserves to be trampled in the public eye ? Why haven't you filed police reports against the actual people doing this to you ? That's like accusing a celebrity of guilt for the bad behavior of fans...I should sue Pink! just because one of her fans called me a name ! Ludacris ! Next question: Cori arrested you 7 years ago, and you were found not guilty by a court of law. WHY didn't you file suit THEN ? Why are you waiting until right before elections to do it ? Isn't it true that no one is actually dictating to you or questioning you on who you can vote for, but rather, questioning you on not just your timing, but also on a character assassination on Cori ? Cori is a deputy. When her Superiors tell her to arrest someone, she MUST do it, weather you are found innocent in court or not, it is not a deputies job to determine guilt. It is a deputies job to do as he/she is commended by her Superiors. Which leads me to my next question: You say that it's your EX wife who commented on Cori's "character" and not you and that this has nothing to do with her arresting you. Then why, Dr. Collins, would your Ex wife have such a sour taste in her mouth for Cori, if not for the fact that she arrested you ? You say Cori's the one who brought up the arrest, but isn't that just the ONLY reason you or your Ex wife would slaughter her character ?
Seems to me, based on common sense, that you either have a huge misunderstanding here about what it is that a deputy is supposed to do or you have a very twisted idea about how to treat people. Dragging someone through the mud while running for office, on a personal vendetta seems so harsh to me ! Why can't you just agree to disagree and try to offer Cori some understanding ?
I am sure you are a good man, good doctor and maybe even reasonable, to some degree, so with that said, I hope you do the right thing because just like it has effected you that your ex wife said some unprofessional things about Cori, it has also greatly upset Cori that people who claim to represent her have done things to you too.
Time to shake hands and clear the air, and both of you should just detach from the toxic people that are creating this chaos for you both....Too many snakes in the mud here and you're falling for it...Good luck to you Dr. Collins


How about Ed Mac..who speaks representing Ms. Merryman making condescending remarks to a Law Enforcement Wife on Facebook. Basically telling her she is to young to know how things are. Threatening her Husbands employment. He said he is in His mid 40's like that makes him superior to her and that she basically needs to shut her mouth and that she needs to stay out of political issues. Well Mr. Ed Mac, I am in my mid 50's so bring it on! You are backing a woman who obviously is a bully and if you ever came at me that way I would go out and scream it from the rooftops that your candidate would bring down the Sheriff's Dept there. Just because she is a woman doesn't make her sheriff material. Oklahoma has a female Sheriff that I know is one incredible Sheriff. She is an asset to our Law Enforcement Community! Ms. MERRYMAN sounds like she would be a disgrace to her community!!

Samuel Adams

The Merryman campaign has a rapid response and search and destroy program that rivals the Clinton machine.

The evil done to the honorable Dr. Mark Collins was sickening. Arresting him three weeks after she saw the video disproving the accusation and refused to arrest him was incredible. When the judge saw the video, he found Collins not guilty. Why did she go back three weeks after the call to arrest him?

Was this incident one reason why she was had to resign?


Oh...the comment Ed Mac made to the young Law Enforcement Wife did screen shot his comments.

Karen B

As a former employee of FMD, who worked for twelve years with the Doctors Collins, such false accusations are very insulting. We worked very hard to become the finest Dental office in the area, we accomplished this thru constant good work , keeping up to date on all new procedures, we were the first Dental Office to offer Dental Implants in the area, in 2000' . We also are a full service Dental Office, we do Dentures,, Braces, Crowns, Bridges, Partials, fillings and denture repairs. To take our Christmas office picture and post it with derogatory comments of our staff, is the lowest form of professional. Perhaps you will notice that no comments were raised about the arrest until you defamed our business and staff..

common sense

Based on the comments I saw on Dr. Collins' facebook page by a person who professes to represent Ms. Merryman, this lawsuit is completely warranted! As well Ms. Merryman can dismiss the person as a volunteer, but regardless Ms. Merryman IS responsible for the comments made by anyone who works at her campaign, volunteer or paid. Clearly by looking at the Merryman facebook page and the subject who made the comment, Merryman was fully aware this individual was professing to be her representative.

But this article brings up yet another long line of qoutes by Merryman that have yet to be explained, what two mayors endorse her? There is no mention on her website? Please enlighten the public? And along with that please enlighten the public on where the much anticipated AZCPOA endorsement is that was "confused" with the non-existent AZCOPS endorsement. Then please explain the circumstances of your resignation from the sheriffs office? Troubling statements always seem to follow this candidate, and this time someone called her bluff! Havasunews please dig up the facts on this candidate and enlighten your readers!!


How childish. Get off facebook & grow up. Pathetic way to go about public office.


Facebook is a tool to get your message across, it is a tool for businesses, politics and so on. You need it to win a campaign, You can never stop people from forming their opinions and or attacking you because they got arrested previously and has an axe to grind later Otherwise Personally I would never have a face book account!

Samuel Adams

@EM doesn't those stand for Ed Mac? as in the husband of Cory Merriman? Don't you have a Facebook account?

It's a real man who hides behind initials, threatens others and justifies attacking anyone who dares to question your wife's integrity. Yeah, your a real man allright, NOT!

GiGi Gorton

And Samuel Adams isn't a drink ??

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