The first quarter campaign finance reports for Lake Havasu City Council candidates are in, and it appears the race is off to a relatively slow start.

In a couple months, the mayor and three councilmember positons will be up for grabs. Incumbent Councilman Cal Sheehy will compete against Nicole Norona for the mayoral seat. Incumbent Councilwomen Jeni Coke and Michele Lin will compete to keep their seats against Rich Crayne, Jim Dolan and Alex McClane.

Dated January 1 to March 31, first quarter reports show Norona leading with $500 in personal money, according to the city’s website. Coke had a total of $194.16 after spending $5.84 on operating expenses - $100 of her funds was personal money and another $100 was contributed by Allan Atwell – while Sheehy had zero.

There are no campaign committees listed on the city’s website for candidates Lin, Crayne or McClane. While there is a committee for Dolan, a first quarter campaign finance report is not shown online.

In an email, City Clerk Kelly Williams shared the Arizona state statute regarding consequences for a committee that fails to file campaign finance reports.

“A committee that fails to timely file a report shall pay the filing officer a penalty of ten dollars for each day that the filing is late during the first fifteen days after the filing deadline and twenty-five dollars for each subsequent day that the filing is late. Penalties accrue until the late report is filed,” the statute states.

Not filing for an extended amount of time could result in potential suspensions, the statute states.

Additionally, “100% Havasu,” a political action committee advocating for a ballot intuitive that could change the city’s spending cap, reported a total of $8,000. The group’s chairman John Parrott contributed $500, the Lake Havasu Professional Firefighters Association contributed $2,500 and the Lake Havasu Hospitality Association contributed $5,000 to the committee.

“That was a great start, it’s certainly not enough to run a campaign on,” said Parrott. “We have received a number of additional donations and we’re still asking for people’s support but we’re feeling good.”

The committee has since expended some of its funding for the creation of handouts regarding Proposition 409, and advertisements.


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