Firefighters battle blaze

Here’s a shot of Lake Havasu City Firefighters fighting a house fire on Ranchero Drive on Saturday morning.

Lake Havasu City fire officials said a car fire caused significant damage Saturday morning to a Ranchero Drive home.

The fire began around 10:25 a.m. and started in the garage of the home in the 2800 block of Ranchero Drive and spread to the middle of the house, fire officials said. The home’s only occupant at the time of the fire evacuated without injuries and none of the firefighters were harmed.

Lake Havasu City Fire Department Battalion Chief James Whitt said when responders arrived to the residence the garage had been fully involved in the fire as it spread into the house. Whitt said firefighters were able to get the fire under control in 28 minutes.

Whitt said the fire caused more than $250,000 worth of damage to the home.

Four engine companies, one truck company and eight Community Emergency Response Team members responded to the two alarm fire.

“Off-duty firefighters had to cover the fire stations,” Whitt said

Whitt said due to the home’s insulation, it made it difficult for firefighters to put out the fire so they had to remove a lot of it to stop it.

He added that firefighters stayed on scene an additional four hours doing salvage and overhaul and to make sure “the fire didn’t rekindle.”

Whitt said the vehicle that started the fire was a 1972 Corvette.

Whitt said the owner of the home had the car stored in the garage and had difficult time trying to start it before it caught fire under the hood.

“He was able to back out another car next to it,” Whitt said. “By the time he got that out, it was fully involved.”

Whitt said the cause of the fire was due to the back firing of the vehicle while attempting to get it started.


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