Attorneys for a woman accused of felony drug and child endangerment charges are requesting a change of plea hearing this month.

According to the reporting party, 24-year-old Brittany D. Amador had a history of substance abuse, and he knew that she had an addiction to heroin. According to police, the reporting party agreed to give Amador a ride in his car on July 14 with his two children.

Police stopped them for speeding, according to the report, and the reporting party asked Amador if she had any contraband with her. She allegedly told him that there was a warrant for her arrest, but no more. Amador was arrested during the traffic stop, and the reporting party continued his drive home without her.

According to the report, one of the driver’s daughters noticed Amador had left her bag in their vehicle. She opened it and told her father that there were needles inside. He took Amador’s bag from his daughter, the report said, and contacted the Lake Havasu City Police Department.

According to police, a syringe loaded with suspected heroin was found in Amador’s bag, as well as 23 capped needles. A cotton swab was also found, the report said, covered in suspected heroin residue.

Officers cited Amador at Lake Havasu City Jail on felony charges of endangerment, possession of narcotic drugs and child abuse. She was arraigned July 24, and was scheduled to appear at a pre-trial conference Monday. Her attorneys have requested a change-of-plea hearing be set Aug. 14 in Mohave Superior Court.


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