The Chemehuevi Indian Reservation’s Tecopa ferry, which transports hundreds of thousands to and from Havasu Landing every year, is shown in the Bridgewater Channel.

A boater who departed from Windsor Beach was rescued Sunday morning when he went overboard on Lake Havasu.

According to Chemehuevi tribal officials, the crew of a ferry departing from Havasu Landing Casino and Hotel encountered the boater in their path. Crew members used their binoculars to inspect the watercraft more closely, and soon saw that its operator had gone into the water.

“The captain announced there was a man overboard,” said Chemehuevi Ferry Administrator Denise Weddle. “The deckhands got the Jacob’s ladder and pulled him in. He was tired and cold, and they wrapped him in a wool blanket.”

According to Weddle, the abandoned boat’s motor was still running, and crew members successfully used a boat hoot to shift the vehicle into neutral gear.

“Once the boat was stopped, its owner wanted to take it back to Windsor Beach,” Weddle said. “He appeared to be fit, and he wasn’t intoxicated. The crew allowed him to get back into his boat and pull it into Windsor.”

According to Weddle, the last such rescue by tribal crewmen was about three years ago. This was the fourth such rescue in 20 years of operation.


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I can't tell you how many times those fine sailors have saved my rear end by bringing me back from losing my money in that casino! Good work crew!

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