A 5-year-old victim remains hospitalized three weeks after surviving a motor vehicle accident on State Route 95. The person allegedly responsible for that accident, however, has yet to be identified.

The accident occurred Jan. 19, when the driver of a green Range Rover veered left of center on State Route 95, and collided head-on with a white Infiniti SUV occupied by a family of five. The SUV’s driver, identified by police as 38-year-old Lake Havasu City resident Maria Ramirez-Rangel, was killed in the accident. Rangel’s 10-year-old daughter also died at the scene.

Havasu resident Gerardo Venegas and a 14-year-old victim, who were also passengers in the SUV, were hospitalized in the accident. They have since been released from medical care.

The driver of the Range Rover, identified by police only as a 28-year-old Alaska resident, has not been charged in the accident, but police say charges could still be pending. According to alleged witness statements, the Range Rover’s driver appeared to be driving erratically on the highway within minutes of the accident. He was allegedly involved in a separate accident, having sideswiped another vehicle before the collision took place, police said.

Early statements by the Lake Havasu City Police Department indicated the 28-year-old driver could face criminal charges, pending the results of a toxicology examination by the Arizona Department of Public Safety. According to Lake Havasu City Police Sgt. Tom Gray, the results of such a test could be completed as early as next week, or as late as March.

“It generally takes four to eight weeks to receive those results,” Gray said Tuesday. “Charges are still pending, and could be filed even if blood results show he was not driving under the influence.”


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