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NEEDLES — The city of Needles has declared itself a Second Amendment sanctuary city. Supporters say the designation will exempt Needles from any restrictive gun laws that California may pass in the future, and allow the city’s laws to remain based solely on the U.S. Constitution.

The Needles City Council also voted to create a committee for the purpose of discussion and drafting of language for the proposed declaration on Tuesday.

Cities and towns across the country have begun to declare themselves as Second Amendment Sanctuary Cities, including places in Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada, Washington, Oregon and Illinois.

When it comes to the possibility of Lake Havasu City ever discussing the concept, Mayor Cal Sheehy believes it’s unlikely.

He says Arizona’s laws already align with the Second Amendment and the state’s general support for gun rights means there isn’t really a need for it.

A declaration of Havasu as a Second Amendment Sanctuary City has never been proposed to the City Council before, and Sheehy doesn’t think it ever will.

Sam Scarmardo, owner of Sam’s Shooters Emporium and a former City Council member, said that protecting the Second Amendment is what allows the country to protect the rest of the amendments and Bill of Rights.

He also believes that there is no need for a declaration as a Second Amendment Sanctuary City in Havasu.


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Poor sad, pathetic Needles. Any - city - that doesn't have a grocery store needs to seriously look at something other than being a haven for gun nuts.


My guess is that the downturn in Needles is more or less caused by the revised policies of the railroads. The lesson learned is - depending on only one industry for the survival of your city is not wise. Lake Havasu City should be paying attention to what happened and place a lot more effort into diversifying our own local economy. With all of the discussion about the lack of Colorado River water in the next few years we should be planning ahead. That of course is just my opinion and you know what they say about opinions

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