In this 2015 News-Herald file photo, Chris Lane of Huntersville, Ala. fishes in a

backwater pool north of the sandbar.

The Arizona Game and Fish Department expects some big catches on the Colorado River this year thanks to recent stockings of rainbow trout.

On Wednesday, the Arizona Game and Fish Department stocked the Colorado River with 3,175 pounds of rainbow trout South of Davis Dam, and those fish are ultimately expected to travel downstream, where they may offer a boon to Havasu’s populations of striped and largemouth bass. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is expected to follow suit by stocking the Colorado River every week from October through March.

According to AZGF, striper populations are already booming in Lake Havasu, as well as Lake Powell, Lake Pleasant, Mohave Lake and Lake Mead.

“The stripers are large, predatory fish,” said Arizona Game and Fish Wildlife Manager Dee Pfleiger. “A few rainbow trout might make it into Lake Havasu, and the stripers are likely to feed on them.”

Rainbow trout aren’t the only thing that have Havasu’s stripers excited this season, however. With an increase in shad activity, stripers are forming boils – or schools of striped bass entering into a “feeding frenzy” throughout Lake Havasu, Pfleiger said.

“It typically goes on from August through September,” Pfleiger said. “The stripers gather to feed on shad from below…it’s exciting if you’re an angler.”

The surge in striper activity is expected to decline in October, however, as autumn brings a chill to Havasu’s warm waters.


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