Jerry France, Bruce Hunt and Doug Tebo stand ready as Garry Fisher makes final adjustments. They are all members of the London Bridge Amateur Radio Association, which has a general membership meeting at 7 p.m at Lake Havasu Yacht Club; 631 London Bridge Road on Jan. 21.

The big news for January for the London Bridge Amateur Radio Association is the special event station, which the FCC has licensed as K7B for the LHC Balloon Festival! Thousands of amateur radio operators, or Hams, around the world will contact the K7B station, and many will receive a beautiful full color special event certificate to frame and display on their radio room wall. These radio contacts and certificates are highly sought after, and local hams will man the four stations in Lake Havasu City to chat with as many hams as possible.

For this event, which lasts until Monday, a special antenna was raised to handle the volume of contacts. Hams and the public are welcome to participate between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. at 1850 Rainbow Ave., South.

Hams routinely check into “nets” for a variety of topics from emergency preparedness to motorcycles and RVing. Net control rotates among several Hams because it is great training for emergency situations, where we all need to lend a hand. The LBARA recently relocated one repeater from near Parker Dam to Crossman Peak, which is nearly a mile high.

Their “foot print” – the radio coverage area - is now “simply amazing” in the words of LBARA President Tom Hutter. “We cover most of Mohave County and in all directions, well into California and as far as Yuma and Tonopah when conditions are right.”

Since they are linked with other repeaters, the Mohave Amateur Radio Network reaches well into Nevada, possibly Utah, and eventually to Flagstaff.

The London Bridge Amateur Radio Association general membership meeting is on the third Thursday of each month at 7 p.m at Lake Havasu Yacht Club; 631 London Bridge Road. The next meeting is Jan. 21. The public is always invited to learn about ham radio’s new capabilities and get help getting their own FCC radio license. Call 928-302-1821 for more information.


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