Mohave County now has 364 cases of coronavirus after officials reported 19 new cases on Thursday evening.

Six of the cases are in the Lake Havasu City area. One is 30-39 years old and recovering at home. Another is 60-69 and linked to another case. They are also recovering at home. Two cases are 70-79 years old, and both are linked to another case and recovering at home. A case in the 80-89 age range remains under investigation, and the final case is 90+. The final individual is linked to another case and recovering at home.

Ten of the cases are in Bullhead City. One is in the 0-18 age range, another is 30-39, two are 40-49, one is 50-59, two are 60-69, one is 70-79 and another is 80-89. All of these cases are under investigation. The tenth case is in the 19-29 age range, recovering at home in isolation. This case is not linked to another case.

Three of the cases are in Kingman. Two are in the 30-39 age range, and both are recovering at home and linked to another case. The final Kingman case is an individual in the 40-49 age range whose case is under investigation.

There are now 70 confirmed cases in Havasu (including seven deaths), 216 in Kingman (including 29 deaths), nine cases in "North County" (comprised of smaller Mohave County communities), and 69 in Bullhead City (including four deaths). There have been 40 deaths from the virus in the county.


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Beware the ides of June after huge numbers of conservative/fascists congregated in Lake Havasu City spreading the virus in unprecedented numbers. Here is what we can look forward to - A Memorial Day partygoer who visited several Lake of the Ozarks bars in Missouri has tested positive for the coronavirus, the Camden County health department reported. As multiple sources confirmed, over Memorial Day weekend, many of those bars and nearby swimming pools were packed with people not social distancing and not wearing masks. The Missouri bars are also a popular vacation spot for many from Chicago. The county health department released details about which bars the infected person visited "due to the need to inform mass numbers of unknown people." The Boone County resident "was incubating the illness" and infectious while visiting the Backwater Jacks bar and Shady Gators and Lazy Gators Pool on Saturday, followed by visits to Buffalo Wild Wings and again Shady Gators on Sunday. People who visited these areas should be on alert for COVID-19 symptoms, the department said. There are over 12,500 coronavirus cases and 738 deaths in Missouri as of Saturday, per the state's health department.


They should pay their own medical bills when being reckless.


Here's a synopsis of total weekly positive cases in Mohave county, the data is gleaned from the graph that our newspaper supplies. There was no way for me to post a bar graph showing this data so this is the best I could do. While we know that earlier positive counts are attributed to nursing homes and older patients, it is interesting that lately the age of the individuals is showing younger people testing positive.

For the weeks ending on Saturdays;

March 28 = 7 Positive individuals since testing began

April 4 = 11

April 11 = 13

April 18 = 24

April 25 = 33

May 2 = 47

May 9 = 51

May 16 = 60

May 23 = 53

May 28 = 65 (yesterday's data, this number will be higher by this weekend)


+13 today total for this week = 78


Of these six new cases in Lake Havasu, four were linked to other cases. So one must assume that they contracted this virus in a place where they were living. Five of these cases are in the high risk age range. These are the people who need to be protected. As things are opening up, there's going to be more cases and a lot of those are going to be young people who don't even know they're infected. That is what is making this thing so difficult to contain. If you are in that high risk group, by now you know what you need to do to keep yourself safe.


Several states that were among the first to reopen their economies have seen noticeable upticks in new coronavirus cases in recent days as President Donald Trump continues to urge the country to rapidly return to normalcy. Alabama, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and Tennessee, all of which are led by Republican governors, were among the earliest in the country to begin reopening amid the ongoing pandemic. Several of these governors were also slow to issue stay-at-home or shelter-in-place orders urged by public health experts, even as the novel virus was spreading in their states. Now, as all 50 states have taken steps to reopen, those five states and several others have seen an increase in new confirmed cases of the virus.


So very frustrating, reading, seeing, and hearing the views of people who don’t take this virus seriously. I agree with everything you wrote, as a mother of four and two of my adult children feel this is overblown. All I can do is pray they stay healthy, nobody talks about the divide in families about this. Crazy, stressful times [unsure]

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