Continuing to help

Soldiers pick up 50 pallets of dog food bound for Navajo Nation from the Nestle Purina plant in Flagstaff.

For two months, the Arizona National Guard has been deployed throughout the state to bridge the gap for communities in need of supplies and assistance. Even as the state begins reopening, their work is not yet finished.

The Guard continues to haul goods across the state, fill boxes with food and provide a variety of aid measures to the Navajo Nation, public affairs officer David Nunn said in a press release.

Since their activation in March, more than 1,000 Guard members have served, and 1,015 logistic missions have been conducted throughout the state.

Guard members supported food banks by receiving goods, building packages, loading cars, delivering food and transporting goods from neighboring states. They also brought food to grocery stores directly from warehouses and distribution centers to their shelves, and assisted with restocking. This was done three times in Lake Havasu City, at Bashas’ and Food City.

Personal protective equipment was also delivered across the state to ease shortages for those on the front lines. More than 60,000 yards of medical-grade fabric was distributed to community partners to create surgical gowns for healthcare professionals.

All in all, more than 167,000 miles were traversed by Guard members across the state, and more than 79,000 hours were spent on-site at locations in need.


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The Liberal plot to make the impeached moron look stupid, AKA “Operation just let him speak” is working splendidly.


[thumbup][thumbup][thumbup] It is a great strategy...


More than 40,000 National Guard members currently helping states test residents for the coronavirus and trace the spread of infections will face a “hard stop” on their deployments on June 24 — just one day shy of their becoming eligible for key federal benefits, according to a senior FEMA official. The official outlined the Trump administration’s plans and also acknowledged during the call the June 24 deadline means that thousands of members who first deployed in late March will find themselves with only 89 days of duty credit, one short of the 90-day threshold for qualifying for early retirement and education benefits under the Post-9/11 GI bill.

90 days of deployment is the threshold for benefits under the Post-9/11 GI bill, like 40 percent off the tuition at a public college or university. The odd Wednesday date in June that the impeached scum chose as the end of deployment for National Guard members who have been helping states fight coronavirus since March means their deployment will last...89 days.

No surprise the usual suspects whine about me instead of being concerned about our National Guard troops.

Mr Lemons

I doubt that President Trump personally chose the June 24th deadline. If you want something done about this write your congressman, the honorable Paul Gosar. I know you're quick to jump on ANYTHING you perceive to be negative...

So what are the facts that you left out of your cut and paste from Politico?

National Guard Bureau officials have left the door open to additional extensions of federal orders.

They also noted that the 90-day threshold is cumulative, meaning Guardsmen could still qualify for early retirement credit if they have another federal deployment within the fiscal year, which ends Sept. 30. The early retirement credit provides Guardsmen with three months credit for every 90 days serving during a federal emergency. So with one more day they would be able to retire 3 months earlier.

GI Bill education benefits can be accumulated WITHOUT A TIME LIMIT. GI Bill benefits can provide 40% off tuition at a public college or university after 90 days of federal service.

I'm sure that this will be addressed before June 24th. I have more of a problem with National Guardsmen wasting their skills stocking shelves at Bashas.


Rovr, HG and Davel have a habit of running their mouths off. Instead of whining about Republicans all the time they should be trying to figure out hos Old Joe is going to win the election this fall. But it is fun to see them constantly get all worked up over Trump. Has our local conservative Republican switched parties to where he really belongs>


It doesn't surprise me that you support denying our National Guard troops access to benefits for serving during this pandemic. It also doesn't surprise me that you don't care about the over 1000 US American Veterans that have died from covid-19 because of your president mishandling this pandemic. Again, it doesn't surprise me that all you can drum up in your mind is to try and hurl insults rather than intelligent comments. What does surprise me though, is that you can't see that your president tRUMP is doing everything within his power to get Joe Biden elected this November... Open your eyes and ears and put America first.


Where in Gods name did I refer to anything about the National Guard. You have gone off the deep end farther than your butt buddy Rovr. Is hatred getting the best of you? You are spending as much time as your close buddy whining about the Republicans. As far as I am concerned Your hero Obumba or the wicked witch wound not have handled it any better. Remember, Sleepy Joe called Trump a racist for closing the border preventing people from China coming to the US. Pelosi was in China town in February telling people to come out and congregate.

As far as Trump helping Biden get elected, that is the biggest joke you've told so far.

I for one would like to see anything intelligent come from you. All you have is the Rovr syndrome that is nothing more than a bunch of liberal BS. Have you switched parties yet? You really should seeing you are a liberal lover.


VA172 Again, nothing of substance from you and just a lot of snowflake whining... This comment section is on the National Guard standing down, didn't you read the article?


Once again dummy, where did I mention anything about the National Guard? Get your head out of your posterior and learn to read. How does it feel to be Rovr's little shadow.

As far as the snowflake comment, you have no idea how to use the word. You are not too smart.


VA127 you definitely don't understand the use of the term snowflake which shows that you're not that smart and special anymore...

When the supposedly entitled are calling their detractors entitled for calling them entitled, it’s clear that whatever impact “snowflake” may have had as an insult is in the process of being neutralised. In a remarkably speedy turnaround of its intended usage, the left have started to reclaim it, throwing it back at the people who were using it against them in the first place. Trump was repeatedly labelled a snowflake earlier this month during the row over Mike Pence getting booed during a performance of Hamilton on Broadway. Trump said the theatre should always be a “safe space”, sounding not unlike a university protester himself; the irony was not lost on many commentators, who called him “the most special snowflake of all”


Here's Bevis thing he has brains. Funny.


Rover, A very good informative article. Then you had to shoot your mouth off over nothing.


So you consider screwing our National Guard troops out of benefits to be "nothing." You supporters of the impeached moron are truly disgusting people!


What the article fails to mention is that White House plans to end National Guard troops’ coronavirus response deployments in mid-June, just one day ahead of the minimum needed to qualify for a host of active-duty benefits is a sad way to thank our troops. We can give generous tax cuts to billionaires and corporations though...


Hey troops, guess what, the impeached screwball is shutting you down on 24 June! Why is he doing that? I'll let you figure it. Please accept my apologies for him crapping on you, but everyone was warned.

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