Danyel Ess, a phlebotomist with Sonora Quest, helps a patient with their paperwork during the recent “testing blitz.”

As Arizona’s coronavirus “testing blitz” came to Lake Havasu City Saturday morning, the rush was on even before the sun rose.

“We had about 15 cars in the parking lot already by the time we got here at 4:30 a.m.,” said Bob MacMillan, the team leader of the Community Emergency Response Team on hand at the Aquatic Center.

By 9:30 a.m., Sonora Quest Laboratories had administered about 325 tests, according to operations manager Mark Bennett.

“The cars were wrapped around the entire parking lot,” said Bennett. “We even had to start about 15 minutes early because of amount of people already in line. I think most people are coming just for peace of mind.”

Despite the early morning rush, Bennett says the turnout was smaller than expected and did not compare to the one in Bullhead City last weekend, which saw about 500 patients. Bennett estimates roughly 400 tests were given Saturday in Havasu.

Nasopharyngeal swab tests were conducted by Sonora Quest, which consists of a swab being inserted into the patient’s nose until resistance is felt.

Bennett says the tests, while uncomfortable, are painless, but can make your eyes water. He says there is also a blood test available to order for $99 which can detect past traces of the virus.

Results of the swab test are usually available within two to five days, according to Bennett.

Sonora Quest was also short-staffed Saturday morning and relied upon the help of MacMillan and his team. The volunteers helped direct traffic and provide the staff with water.

As of today, there are no plans for additional “testing blitz” in the county.


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So where are the results of the testing? Is it a secret till after the holiday to keep the dollars rolling in? We had the results from Kingman and Bullhead within a couple days. Inquiring minds want to know. Why isn't the mayor saying how covid-free we are since he's rolling out the doormat for areas loaded with the virus? Then we can compare before and after numbers in three weeks. Cover-up?

only in havasu

This should be happening for weeks already. Arizona- is so far behind.


They would have been but for the fact that, test kits were not available, contrary to what the White House has been saying! Medical facilities only had a handful of tests each! Ill prepared and incompetent government!!


Did AZ ask for test kits? Don't think so. Other states got the tests The governor is too interested in opening up in spite of rising numbers. Don't ask, don't tell is his policy. We can't even get the results from the tests administered in Havasu. Is the mayor in on this game?

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