11:45 a.m. update: Tuesday's positive test for coronavirus in Lake Havasu City was revealed by a private lab from a test kit sample provided by the Havasu Covid-19 Task Force.

The informal group of local healthcare providers began collecting samples from Lake Havasu City residents last week. The group said in a Facebook post that its criteria for administering a test is that patients must be Havasu residents who are showing symptoms known to be associated with coronavirus. The group says it does not want to skew local data by testing tourists and visitors who don't reside in Lake Havasu City. 

The task force says it will not reveal details about the test or the positive patient to ensure other future patients that their anonymity will be protected.

Earlier: A person in Lake Havasu City has tested positive for coronavirus, the Today's News-Herald has learned.

It's the first positive case for Mohave County. The Mohave County Public Health Department is not revealing the person's gender or age. The patient is an adult who is not hospitalized and is recovering at home, according to a press release from the county. 

Additional information could be released in a possible press conference on Wednesday, said county public information officer Roger Galloway.

“With new cases increasing daily around the country and throughout Arizona, it is not surprising to see our first case here in Mohave County,” said Denise Burley, Mohave County public health director, in the news release sent at 10 p.m. Tuesday.

Burley said when a positive result is received, county health department staff will interview the person's close contacts and recommend that each person self-monitors for symptoms and quarantine themselves for 14 days, based on the risk of exposure.

Havasu Mayor Cal Sheehy said the confirmation of a positive case will mean the governor's executive order last week will apply to Mohave County. That order requires bars and restaurants, indoor gyms and fitness clubs to close, Sheehy said. Restaurants may continue to serve the public through pick-up, delivery and drive through options, he said.  

Coronavirus is believed to be spread mostly through respiratory droplets produced when a sick person coughs or sneezes.  Signs and symptoms include fever, cough, and shortness of breath. According to the county health department, the best way to prevent coronavirus and other respiratory diseases is to:

  • Avoid close contact with sick individuals

  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth

  • Stay home when you are sick

  • Cover your cough or sneeze with tissue, then throw the tissue away immediately

  • Clean and disinfect surfaces and frequently used or touched objects, with disinfectant sprays or wipes

  • Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds (or singing happy birthday twice). Use alcohol based hand sanitizers if water and soap are not available

  • Practice social distancing (approximately six feet or more between and among individuals.


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Boyd E. Spooner III

Sonny - [thumbup]


So, who is willing to take Trump’s advice and go to services on Easter Sunday? Did you take your chloroquine today to prevent COVID19? I know y’all are Trumpers. Just curious on you feel about his handling of a pandemic that leaves people over 60 more at risk of death than others.

And don’t cash that check from Trump. That’s socialism. You are depending on others to pay your way.


The money is direct deposit...if you have a bank account that is

John Andrews

Hey, hey! It's only socialism when it benefits someone else.[wink][wink]

Havasu Guy

Sign the petition to the governor to shelter in place here; https://www.change.org/p/governor-doug-ducey-please-lockdown-arizona?source_location=topic_page


I have issues with the BOONDOCKERS! I think they should have to "cease and desist". They are living in raw conditions that dont support hand hygiene rules with no running water. They have been in and out of our restuarants bars stores and gyms and laundromats. If there isnt proper r.v. vacancy in our resorts and parks for them during this pandemic they should CEASE AND DESIST! Time to go!

Boyd E. Spooner III

Second confirmed case in Bullhead City area.

Boyd E. Spooner III

It'll be interesting to see how many trucks towing boats with California plates roll into town this weekend These folks don't just hang out at the lake. They purchase fuel, patronize grocery stores, hotels, etc. They were told by their governor to stay home. No different than those Florida spring breakers heading off in all directions with a dose of the Covid-19


NO kidding. This virus is going to really ramp up, just look at the numbers compounding, yikes!! The great American bubble [ this won't happen to me ] just burst!!


Have all the clowns at BJ's Bar gone home? Seeing crowds there each day makes me ill...

Jimmy Was

Seems like those fleeing Cali are the ones with property here and those with campers. So here is a message to those fleeing to LHC. ----

Now that you are here remember, there are a lot of you coming, likely bringing the problem with you so behave yourselves! Keep your children home 'do your due diligence', keep them from 'common'areas and educate them as to why you came here and that it's not a Holiday AND that this is deadly serious! You have a responsibility to the community you have fled to and it is not an ambiguous obligation.

linda shutt

Can we please get this person’s locations for the last two weeks.


Let me ask you mermaid , why?? What are you going to do? Are you going to put them on blast? Are you going to put a big sign in there front yard saying that they have it? Lets here it mermaid!


The was in Havasu a week ago, if the person(s) isolated themselves at 1st symptom, 3-5 days of interaction would still be probable. If they were refused testing, as has been the norm unless, travel, know, then it could be as many as 10 days. Everyone needs to stay home until possible contacts are quarantined for the 14 days. Any other cases should pop up in that time. Exponential multiplication is what we are now seeing in many locations: 1 becomes 2, then 4, 8, 16, 32, 64 every 3 days. By the 30th day we hit critical, 1012 becomes 2024, then 4048, 8096, etc, unless people stay at home and act like they are the one infected. Save critical illness and lives by staying home for at least 14 days, then the medical staff will have been able to isolate the carriers that show symptoms in that 2 week period of isolation.


Just yesterday the ceo of HRMC, several doctors, and the Mayor were on 106.3; all saying no one in Havasu has been tested yet; no one has shown signs indicating a test is required. So???


That's interesting! My son and I were both tested Sunday, March 22nd, at the drive thru testing site at Midwest Internal Medicine. Waiting results!


My husband and I got tested by our doctor last Monday. And our “beloved” hospital don’t have the tests available yet!

Rooster Cogburn

1-(844) 863-9314. This is a help line for those who are in need.


Testing just started here. Please know there is more cases to come. Stay home if possible to protect yourself.


Don't close the lake! nobody can get within 6 feet of me on the lake. Boating is safe.

Brenda Gonzalez


Brenda Gonzalez

I meant to say the lake should be fine. We are not close to other boats, no tie offs and plenty of sunshine, right?


Californians are flocking to Havasu in record numbers right now because "we have the only lake that is open to play on"... close the lake and parks!

Ex Ray

"record numbers" Really? There's no need to close the lake or parks.

Havasu Guy


Havasu Guy

"Many" people are saying....


The county may shut down Davis Camp to everyone but people in RV's tomorrow.

Nikki Garrison

And yet for some reason it still has not been reported to the Arizona Department of Health. Why?


Just because you cant see any information about it online, doesn't mean it hasn't been reported. Things arent so instant . Things take time to process . Stay home and dont worry about the situation.


Yes we all knew the Virus would hit Havasu. Hold on.


Knowing the locations this individual has been to would be beneficial to others.

Boyd E. Spooner III

TChas99 - [thumbup]

Havasu Guy

[thumbup] I agree, let us protect ourselves.


Protect your self by keeping your shelfs home for 14 days. Knowing someone location n where abouts wont help you. Staying home will. If you stay home you dont have to worry about where they have been. Ignorant stupid people. JUST STAY HOME. SIMPLE.

Havasu Guy

My shelves are always home, Why would you take your shelves out? Some of us need to go to the doctor's office, shop for food and other necessary functions. Knowing where to stay away from is important to some of us. Just because you don't want the info doesn't make someone else stupid or ignorant. Your comment on the other hand...

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