Kokomo at London Bridge Resort

The tables are packed away at Kokomo at the London Bridge Resort. The nightclub is usually home to a buzzing spring break scene this time of year, but the coronavirus pandemic has required the resort to suspend all spring break-related functions.

Many Lake Havasu City businesses are now facing financial crisis amid the coronavirus pandemic this week.

With two cases now confirmed in Mohave County, all bars, theaters, indoor gyms and fitness clubs must close immediately under mandate by the Arizona Governor’s Office. All restaurants will be required to prohibit on-site dining and may only provide pick-up, delivery and drive-through service.

According to Lake Havasu Area Chamber of Commerce President Lisa Krueger, the order could be devastating for Havasu’s service industry.

“Every business is at risk,” Krueger said. “This has never happened in Havasu before, and we don’t know how this will affect us in the long term.”

According to Krueger, the Chamber of Commerce is recommending that all of Havasu’s business owners and workers understand what resources may be available to them.

Some of Havasu’s businesses have already felt the financial impact caused by coronavirus in Mohave County. Kokomo nightclub and Martini Bay bar, both traditional draws for Havasu’s thousands of annual spring breakers, have already suspended all spring break functions for the duration of the crisis.

According to London Bridge Resort Assistant General Manager Kristina Gallo, layoffs have already taken place at the businesses, although she was unable to say how many as of Wednesday afternoon.

“It’s totally impacted our business,” Gallo said. “Business has slowed down, but we’re focused on our community, team members and guests. Our goal is to get everyone back to work soon. We’re taking care of our employees, and making sure they’re getting all the services they need to get until that happens.”

Cafeterias at nursing homes, hospitals, soup kitchens and facilities that provide meals to the needy will not be affected by the governor’s mandate, but the Mohave County Health Department recommends that residents take strict measures to ensure social distancing and appropriate hygiene to prevent the virus’ spread.

At a press conference Wednesday afternoon, Mohave County Supervisor Gary Watson said that compliance with the governor’s order would be voluntary on the part of county residents.

“Think about saving the lives of people you see on a daily basis,” Watson said. “We’re appealing to people’s common sense, dignity and voluntary compliance.”

According to Lake Havasu City Police Sgt. Tom Gray, businesses found not in compliance with Ducey’s executive order will be contacted by officers. Officers will attempt to explain the governor’s order to business managers, and attempt to gain compliance through education to protect the Havasu community.

“We anticipate that the businesses of Lake Havasu City will be responsible to the community to help stop the spread of COVID-19,” Gray said. “We will also work closely with the Mohave County Health Department for businesses that are out of compliance with the governor’s order.”

But as of early Wednesday evening, several Havasu bars remained open for business, with rooms and parking lots filled with patrons. According to Lake Havasu City Manager Jess Knudson, Lake Havasu City Police Officers identified several businesses Wednesday that were not in compliance with Ducey’s executive order. Officers advised business owners and managers to close their doors, and Knudson does not foresee any resistance.

“I don’t expect any of these businesses to be open or out of compliance by (Thursday) morning,” Knudson said.


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These businesses can apply right now for the small business loans... and if they keep their employees on the payroll they will have the loan forgiven and considered a business grant instead. They can shutter the business and pay their employees for now and be reimbursed for the amount they are losing or they can lay off their employees who will then be eligible for 39 weeks unemployment - some at much more than they made working - and those businesses likely won't have the cash to survive the shutdown.



The $2.2 trillion coronavirus relief bill, which features both direct payments to the American public and loans to small businesses as well as more corporate bailouts, has ended up as the largest disaster relief package in the history of the United States. And while the impeached president and his family of crooks were supposed to be blocked from benefiting from the stimulus package, it seems as though some of the provisions featured in the fine print of the 880-page corporation-friendly emergency relief bill offers up a loophole for both the impeached president himself and his son-in-law Jared Kushner to reap the benefits after all.

Despite Democrats’ efforts to include provisions that disallow the impeached president, along with other government officials and their families from dipping into the proverbial honey pot, the New York Times now reports that overwhelming swell of the bill during negotiations had led to an additional provision for benefits for special interests, and it will mean Kushner will get a check after all.

The block against government officials receiving a cut of the relief package appears to only apply to those who “directly or indirectly” control 20 or more percent of a company. Ivanka’s husband has a habit of splitting up his ownership between himself and his parents and siblings, often leaving him with ownership over less than 20 percent criteria of the company.

And it seems as though Kushner may not be the only member of the losers clan that’s eligible for the exceptions.

Provisions outlined in the bill allowing for companies with multiple hotels to qualify as a small business, making them eligible for the loans, as well as benefits regarding tax breaks for restaurants that could ultimately serve as a cut of the stimulus package for the president himself, as is crooked Organization owns a small chain of hotels as well as several restaurants.

These fine-print provisions could ultimately allow the impeached president to receive massive tax breaks as well as the small business loans allowed in the package provided he continues to pay his employees — though reports have indicated that hundreds of workers have already been laid off.

Honestly, it comes as no surprise that the impeached losers jockeys in Congress sank their teeth in and refused to relieve the American public until they found a way to benefit the scumbag, and by default themselves. All while the rest of us out here in the real world will barely be getting enough to make ends meet.


Same old feces, day after day, month after month! rovR** is tireless in spreading the manure, thick and deep! His yard is going to be so fertile, he can grow his own “Ganga”! [thumbdown][sleeping] Deaton


At the very same time, Chuck-U-Schumer, Senate Minority Leader was stalling the “Covid-19” Financial Relief Legislation in a failed attempt to load the Bill with “Coronavirus & Pork Barrel” SPENDING! While our local tourist supported businesses are facing imminent failure, without this emergency injection of financial aid! Let’s hear it for “Chuck-U” and remember in November what he tried to do! [thumbdown][censored] Deaton


The boaters need to stay away.


If the hospital gets overwhelmed with patients and Dr's and Nurses put their health at risk as they test and treat patients up close and in their face as is necessary with respiratory illness, Havasu will be in deeper trouble, lives over money. Italy has seen as many as 5000 health care professionals test positive for COVID19 as they were overrun with patients infected with the virus.


If the boaters stay home Havasu is in trouble.



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