Efforts are underway in Lake Havasu City to protect residents – not only from the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, but also from food shortages and lack of education.

As more Havasu students join a growing trend of online classes, some may have greater access to a laptop or desktop computer than others. Now Havasu’s COVID-19 Task Force is organizing a “laptop drive” for local students, and asking residents to donate old laptop computers to children who need them.

“Obviously all of the students are being switched to online classes,” said Task Force member and medical doctor Khamranie Persaud. “We are being proactive. We anticipate that not every child will have a working laptop or working desktop computer. We are doing a drive to collect laptops or desktops from anyone who is not using them. We are wiping all of the information on them, and the school district will be giving them out to students who need them.”

The COVID-19 Task Force was implemented earlier this month in response to a growing need in Havasu for medical equipment, coordination and services to Havasu school children. The task force has already organized drives for medical supplies and has organized school lunch donations at Havasu elementary schools. The laptop drive is now being promoted by the task force’s fundraising volunteers.

“We are trying not to collect actual money, because that is harder to manage,” Persaud said. “We are trying to collect (donated belongings) and this is something that we anticipate a need for. Even if the student has a computer right now, it could break within the next few weeks or stop working. Then we don’t want them to not be able to tap into online courses.”

Havasu residents who would like to donate their old laptop or desktop computers can call 928-680-0041 for more information.


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