Lake Havasu Golf Club

Golfers could be seen throughout the Lake Havasu Golf Club course Thursday afternoon.

The grass is still green for golfers in Lake Havasu City and Parker, thanks to an order by Gov. Doug Ducey this week that included golf courses as “essential” businesses, safe from coronavirus-related closures.

In counties with confirmed coronavirus cases, which now includes both La Paz and Mohave, some businesses like bars, theaters and restaurants are required to close their doors in an effort to slow the spread and promote social distancing. Also this week the governor announced a list of businesses and industries that would be deemed “essential” in the event of a wider statewide closure.

Golf courses are listed under the category of outdoor recreation.

Executive Order 2020-12 defines the exemption as “any outdoor area, park, site or trail that provides opportunities for outdoor recreation with social distancing such as walking, hiking and biking. This includes golf courses if restrictions on food and beverage service under Executive Order 2020-09 are followed.”

All four golf courses in the region — The Refuge, Lake Havasu Golf Club, Bridgewater Links and Emerald Canyon — remain open as of Thursday afternoon.

The Refuge has seen an increase in golfers recently. Refuge Pro Shop Manager and Tournament Coordinator Tyler Fallis said that cleaning has also increased on the course, with hourly sanitations of golf carts and equipment.

In Parker, Emerald Canyon Golf Course has also ramped up their cleaning routines with more frequent sanitation. They’ve experienced slower than usual traffic on the course recently, a representative said, due to group and event cancellations.

At Bridgewater Links, there hasn’t been an increase or dramatic decrease in golfers, as the course is typically slower this time of year anyways, London Bridge Resort employee Janet Allen said Thursday.

Lake Havasu Golf Club also has seen fewer players than normal, with Canadian golfers gone and regulars “afraid to play,” Pro Shop employee Allison Jenkins said Thursday. To assist with social distancing, only one customer is allowed in the pro shop at a time.


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I would feel safer on a golf course than in a grocery store...who touched what and then I touch it and have to bring it in to my house and touch it again and touch my cupboards...on and on and on. I also have a hair appointment in 2 weeks but I think she will be pretty safe[unsure]. This is some pretty stressful stuff happening to us at this point and now with more summer visitors coming. We can't be too careful.

Dawn King

Good times! Pack those golf courses today......more bodies for the mortuaries tomorrow! Great business and demand!


Dawn King - [thumbup]


The governor says that these kind of activities are okay! You can also get your hair washed and cut, nail salons are okay too! If you have a problem with this, thank your governor. While other states are issuing shelter in place controls our governor is looking out for the small business owner since that is his background...


Some people are so ignorant.....


Correction: Brilliant decision on Ducey's part.


Golf courses are closed in California. Hey golf fanatics, drive or fly on over to Arizona where they're open. Brilliant decision on Dunleavy's part.


Privilege and disregard for the rest of the world is quite evident. Shame on these people!!


So the virus does't play golf, good to know. Better be careful people will start to horde golf course space.

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