Virus Outbreak-Arizona

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey addresses the media on COVID-19 during a news conference in Phoenix, Wednesday, Nov. 18, 2020. (Michael Chow/The Arizona Republic via AP)

Coronavirus cases are set to reach their highest number in Arizona since early August, despite efforts by state health officials to mitigate the ongoing pandemic.

Reported cases in Arizona have followed a nationwide trend in recent weeks. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported 2,984 new cases statewide as of Nov. 11, after a gradual upward trend that seemed to begin in September, when an average of fewer than 300 cases were reported.

In Mohave County alone, almost 450 new cases have been reported within the first two weeks of November, according to state health department records. With 99 confirmed coronavirus cases per 100,000 Mohave County residents, and more cases reported each day, Mohave County reflected a growing number of cases nationwide.

Gov. Ducey addressed Arizonans Wednesday afternoon in a press conference to address the trend in new cases.

“It’s been eight months since I issued a public health emergency in Arizona,” Ducey said. “Many are asking when it will end … that’s not on the horizon. We remain in a public health emergency, and getting back to normal is not in the cards right now.”

According to Ducey, the impact of the coronavirus has been felt throughout Arizona, and conflicting attitudes toward mitigation efforts have at times hindered those efforts entirely.

“This has been a long haul,” Ducey said. “We are not out of the woods, and there are no ‘easy asks’. But this is my ‘ask’. There are two extreme camps out there. One wants to lock everything down, and the other thinks it’s all a hoax. Both have been loud and vocal. Most of the public aren’t part of either camp, and neither am I. But masks work. Please wear them.”

According to statements from Arizona Department of Health Services Director Cara Christ, there have been substantial increases in new coronavirus cases. Masks and face coverings have proven an effective method of preventing transmission of the virus, Christ said, but recent CDC studies have also show that face coverings can also offer a layer of protection against possible infection as well.

Masks are already a required measure at bars, restaurants, fitness centers and other venues throughout the state. Combined with mandatory social distancing measures, Ducey says Arizonans can reduce this month’s influx of new cases.

Ducey announced Wednesday that $25 million would be directed by the Arizona Governor’s Office to support staffing at hospitals statewide. The funding will be used to reward existing direct-care employees and pay staff costs at Arizona healthcare facilities.

“We’ve been communicating with Arizonans since February about how to mitigate the risk of spreading the virus,” Ducey said Wednesday. “We’re asking the public to be smart, be responsible and to follow the public health guidelines Dr. Christ has put together.”

According to Ducey, however, Arizonans are no longer the only ones at risk.

“Thousands of people are arriving from the Midwest, the East Coast and elsewhere,” Ducey said. “We’re amplifying our message to make sure every individual in the state knows what steps to protect themselves.”

Arizona health officials are already working with airports in Phoenix, Mesa and Tucson to inform arriving travelers about the potential risks of coronavirus in Arizona, Ducey said.

The governor, however, was optimistic for the potential release of coronavirus vaccines next year, from manufacturers Pfizer and Moderna. With a possible solution to the crisis apparently close at hand, Ducey on Wednesday issued an executive order to collect information in reference to those vaccines, and to identify those Arizona populations that need them most.

“Today we learned that the Pfizer vaccine is 95% effective,” Ducey said. “The Moderna vaccine is also 95% effective. Our task force is actively working to ensure there will be effective distribution of the vaccines when they are released.”

Since the start of the pandemic, 283,102 Arizona residents have tested positive for the coronavirus, and 6,365 have reportedly died from coronavirus infection.


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Deaths and Mortality Facts in the USA

Death rate: 867.8 deaths per 100,000 population

Source: National Vital Statistics System – Mortality Data (2018) via CDC WONDER

Number of deaths: 2,839,205

Life expectancy: 78.7 years

Infant Mortality rate: 5.66 deaths per 1,000 live births

Source: Mortality in the United States, 2018, data tables for figures 1, 2, and 4

Number of deaths for leading causes of death:

Heart disease: 655,381

Cancer: 599,274

Accidents (unintentional injuries): 167,127

Chronic lower respiratory diseases: 159,486

Stroke (cerebrovascular diseases): 147,810

Alzheimer’s disease: 122,019

Diabetes: 84,946

Influenza and Pneumonia: 59,120

Nephritis, nephrotic syndrome and nephrosis: 51,386

Intentional self-harm (suicide): 48,344

Source: Mortality in the United States, 2018, data table for figure 2


Over quarter-of-a-million innocent American men, women and children dead from the trump virus and all Typhoid Donnie can do is hide in the bunker, suck his thumb and whine about being the BIGGEST LOSER of all time.

Biden 306 – Typhoid Donnie 232, with all states called.

Typhoid Donnie ends stupid Arizona lawsuit; abandons Voter Fraud Hotline”; tells Geraldo he will do “the right thing.” (Anyone believing he will off himself is dreaming)

Typhoid Donnie law firm calls it quits.

Pennsylvania will NOT do a recount.

Michigan judges refuses to hear GOP lawsuit.

So far he is 1 out of 35 with lawsuits not even being heard as judges laugh him out of court.


Something to do with the ides.


I wonder why virologists wear a sealed suit with their own oxygen supply...


You really are stupid, aren't you?




Thank you for reporting the data. Mohave has had 166 new cases in the past two days. When we had a mask requirement, the virus went down. We need an enforced mask mandate to avoid another total shutdown.


With the large number of ignorant people here in Mohave county I'm sure we'll be seeing high infections in the coming months. I still see them out in public without masks acting like there's nothing wrong, just selfish...






The mayor now "advises" people to wear mask yet it isn't "enforced". That's like advising people to drive 55 with no consequences if they disobey.


The mayor thinks that Chemtrails Kelli is a star and he knows her! We are screwed here in LHC... but the good news is that his London Bridge Resort is ready for all the Californians that are coming.


"Vigilance?" That kind of attitude is why we are having a massive surge in new cases and over a quarter-of-a million American men, women and children are dead. Why do Republicans want to see our people die? Don't they understand that their goofy members will also die? Or has Typhoid Donnie convinced them only Democrats catch the virus?


Only 1-2% die. Acceptable losses in the war for profits. 1% of 328 million people is 3 million. At least they are mostly old or have other conditions that make them less useful in the workforce. And by the way, twice as many Republicans as Democrats in Congress have caught the virus. I think that the percentage of Republicans in increasing, though, with recent news of Republican Congressmen infections.




I was being facetious, but you had asked about the Republican view, so that was my understanding of the Republican view.


What mitigations to stop the pandemic? Seriously?

Dawn King

Thoughts and prayers, of course! President reject and his lapdog, penes, are to busy trying to invalidate the election than deal with the ‘Gina” virus.

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