bj's bar

Patrons of BJ’s Cabana Bar sit in the outside patio Friday evening.

On Friday evening, the parking lot of The Office Cocktail Lounge was overflowing with cars and lining the street as patrons packed the patio and building. Coronavirus concerns weren’t stopping them from enjoying their weekend kickoff.

President Donald Trump and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have recommended that citizens avoid congregating in groups more than 10 people at a time.

The Mohave County Department of Public Health has urged residents to take precautions and act as if the virus is already in our community in order to prevent its spread, despite no confirmed cases.

Mayor Cal Sheehy is also urging restaurants to close access to on-site dining and continue to provide drive-thru, take-out or delivery options.

But despite the suggested measures, Havasu residents continue to brave the warnings and find a seat in their favorite bars.

Ron Kerr and his group came to The Office Cocktail Lounge prepared to enjoy their evening. “I like the sound of a bar,” he said, when asked why he decided to come. His group also pointed out that they found a table in the corner, away from the crowded bar top. “Plus, I’ve got this just in case!” he said, pulling a plastic disposable glove from his pocket.

Another patron, who declined to give his name, said, “Well why not?” when asked the same question. “I’m not a Democrat. I’m not blowing this thing out of proportion. I’m happier than heck!”

He added that he’ll continue to patronize local businesses like The Office Cocktail Lounge for as long as he can. “This is the way it’s always been,” he said. “This is all just over-exploded.”


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These people are the reason why this situation is going to go on for MONTHS. So many are not taking this seriously. This is not about personal liberties. This is about life, death, and public health. This people are self-centered morons, and if I wasn't already self-isolating, I would have NO problem whatsoever telling them to their face. Idiots.

Old lady



MesaKelly - [thumbup]


All are stupid paying all that money for drinks and then driving home anyway and risking a dui that will cost them thousands.


I wouldn't go out around these people for any reason or any amount of money. They are ground zero for the start of Havasu's COVID-19 cases. How selfish can you be?

Dawn King

I'm retired now but understand the position of small business owners. They are between a rock and a hard place when it comes to shutting down for any length of time. If they shut down, many do not have the financial resources to remain in business, and if they defiantly remain open, the government may come down hard on them and force them to close. The reality is that this virus may kill a small percentage of people or a lot of people, we just don't know yet.....but the one thing that determines which it will do is based a lot upon what we do. Sheltering in place and keeping a social distance will help reduce the number of people who get infected as well as the number of people who have it at one time. That means we might keep the numbers low enough so that our health care system can care for them. Italy has a quality health care system but they ignored the seriousness of this virus early on (much like us) and the infections spiked and overwhelmed their system. The same can happen here. We all need to do our part, businesses included, to prevent that from happening.


Dawn - [thumbup]

Old lady



Not real smart, we are lucky so far. Don't push it! Some of my friends are really sick (Cali & Washington. Take this seriously!!

Old lady



Havasuguy - [thumbup]


What if we suffer a great number of infections and ground zero are places like the office and all the watering holes of Havasu, what will we say then?


What happened to the America I remember where neighbor looked out for neighbor and common sense was the norm? The selfishness of these morons will do nothing but overload our medical system and add to the risk for all of us. People want to enjoy their freedom? Stupid behavior like this just causes government to force laws on us for "our own good". With freedom comes responsibility. It just goes to show the power of suggestions to get people to do the right thing doesn't work in today's society.

Old lady



Alcoholism is a disease , possibly worse than this corona virus.


The guy in the picture sucking down suds needs to pull his drawers up.


Businesses like these, and their patrons, are going to overwhelm our tiny hospital and cause the rest of us to be closed, lose jobs, and lay off workers for longer because of their denial and stubbornness. I hope that they are ashamed enough to do the right thing for the rest of us.


Glad I do not hang around that crowd.


How stupid some are.

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