Danyel Ess, a phlebotomist with Sonora Quest, helps a patient with their paperwork during May's “testing blitz.”

While there are still five tests pending from Sonora Quest Laboratory's recent "blitz" testing event in Lake Havasu City, one local positive virus case was identified, along with two positive cases from La Paz County.

At the May 16 event hosted at the Aquatic Center, 377 tests were administered, with 369 returning negative. There were no spoiled tests, and the pending cases are "currently being processed," according to the Mohave County Department of Public Health.


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This 1 positive must have been in their boat on the lake and some Californians in their boat got too close and passed the virus on. On second thought all these Californians who have been shut down longer and with more restrictions than us have to be virus free since the scientists and their governor says this is what is going work. Why should we be worrying about Californians coming here. It's Arizonians we should be worried about. Or how about stop living in fear and keep the vulnerable safe, and if you are in the high risk group, keep yourself safe.


Although, some want to make sarcastic comments, that shut-down likely saved thousands of American lives, including the lives of those who lack empathy as we pass the 100,000 deceased mark. Speaking locally, in a town of 55,000, 377 is not a good sampling... Keep in mind, most of the testing that was done in Mohave County was based on someone showing symptoms or someone who was in contact with an infected person. Other data is needed for the Sonora Report... For example: What was the dominant age group that was tested?... Most older people are being very careful, staying home, wearing mask, and social distancing. They are also likely to be the

ones seeking the voluntary testing since they know they are the most vulnerable. Data around the country shows the largest number of confirmed cases are between the ages of of 20-44... Until very recently, that held true in Mohave County as well. Considering what we saw on the lake this weekend, that age group does not seem concerned about this virus. Their knowing the recovery rate for their age group is quite good, leaves little incentive for them to get tested on a voluntary basis. Also consider that this age group has the highest level of asymptomatic cases of Covid-19, meaning they have it, are

spreading it, and don't even know it. They use the same grocery stores and essential services as older citizens. In my opinion, to use this ambiguous article as an indicator of how present the virus is in our community, will only provide a false sense of security to those who don't question it... As much as some may want to, you can't pray this virus away, you can't wish it away, you can't call it a hoax based on your political beliefs... You can only use well analyzed data and science. We are not out of the woods yet, but it's your life, just don't help kill someone else because of your ignorance.


477 tests from "55,000" full time residents.Thats less than 1% of the "population" getting tested.However,with all the part timers and runaways,we can put that pop closer to 70,000 easily.Don't forget it took over a week and a half to get the results of a 2 day test back.There wasn't any antibody tests logged in or taken.How many of them went home and self isolated after testing?Id venture to say,almost none.So those 3 positives could possibly culminate in x5 to x10 exposed unknowns.If you find one roach,there's most likely 100 you haven't seen yet....


You Racist tRump-tard. The whole city of Havascrew voted to keep everyone away and shut down all businesses so we wouldn't overwhelm the hospitals. Now look you crazy people bringing millions to our town. AND NOW WE HAVE THIS! 1 positive case. How do you expect our hospitals to handle this?


On my God. 1 positive. We better shut everything down. Close the playgrounds. Close the parks, restaurants, health clubs. C!ose the dog parks. The dogs could start getting the virus.

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