Mohave County has since September experienced a surge in new coronavirus cases, and Lake Havasu City officials are asking for renewed vigilance in preventing the spread.

During the last week of October, Arizona Health officials reported 99 confirmed coronavirus cases per 100,000 Mohave County residents. A single additional case would place Mohave County in the “substantial” category for potential coronavirus exposure. Mohave County experienced such a designation earlier this year, which prompted closures for area gyms, bars and movie theaters until cases fell below the state’s “moderate” threshold.

Lake Havasu City Mayor Cal Sheehy was alarmed by the rising number of cases on Wednesday.

“We’re anticipating our numbers to increase based on reports from the rest of the county,” Sheehy said. “We’re encouraging businesses and citizens to follow the guidelines — Wear face coverings, wash your hands regularly, maintain social distancing and stay at home if you’re feeling sick.”

According to county health department records, more than 200 new coronavirus cases were reported during the first week of November, and more than 240 more new cases were reported last week.

The Arizona Department of Health Service is scheduled to release an assessment of Mohave County’s coronavirus case numbers today, with possible new restrictions for local businesses. A report from state health officials, to be released this morning, could prove that Mohave County has indeed surpassed the state health department’s “substantial” threshold.

Although the designation once required bars, gyms and movie theaters to remain closed to customers early in the crisis, Sheehy says no such requirement will be brought against such businesses this month. Sheehy said that if the county has previously met the Arizona Department of Health Services’ lower benchmarks, and earned some business owners’ right to do business, that right will unlikely be taken away.

“The governor gave no indication of future business closures,” Sheehy said. “Things change from day to day. We don’t know what the future may bring in the pandemic, but we know that we can slow or mitigate the spread by following the health department’s precautions.”

According to the Arizona Department of Health Services, the percentage of positive coronavirus tests is also on the rise, with 6.8% of all tests returning positive results in Mohave County as of late October. Those most recent numbers reflect the highest percentage of positive tests since late August, when 8.1% of all tests showed positive results.

In Lake Havasu City, hospital staff have prepared themselves to handle a growing influx of new coronavirus patients. According to Havasu Regional Medical Center Public Relations Specialist Santoriello Corey, doctors and nursing staff have found themselves challenged by the upward trend of coronavirus cases throughout Mohave County and the rest of the country.

“We continue to closely monitor the prevalence of the virus in our community and build upon our hospital’s emergency operations plan,” Corey said. “We cannot speculate on what could happen over the coming weeks and months, but we can assure everyone that we are working hard to plan for all these scenarios and adapt our hospital operations during the evolving pandemic.”

According to Corey, as many as 40% of coronavirus patients show few or no symptoms. With cooler temperatures and the region’s annual flu season, Corey says the hospital is preparing itself for a challenging winter, and as of this week has treated as many as 20 coronavirus patients per day.

“We strongly urge our community members to be even more diligent in their efforts to slow the spread of the coronavirus in the months ahead,” Corey said. “We call upon every community member to lead by example: Wear a mask over your nose and mouth, wash your hands frequently, practice social distancing and avoid group gatherings.”


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If you have been acting in wreck less manner hold on. Oh yea trump said it would be gone now. He is such a ignorant man that lies about everything. Lie at work and see what happens.




The Governor has shared his asinine comments of concern with his recommendations, not mandates! "Lake Havasu City Mayor Cal Sheehy was alarmed by the rising number of cases on Wednesday." Alarmed! Really! What numbers do these politicians need to put that light on and take positive action? How many have to be infected with this virus or how many must die before mandates are issued? Arizona, 4,471 cases today, 291,696 total cases, 6,427 deaths, Mohave County 5,247 cases and Havasu at 1,576. With winter visitors form the colder climates, hospitalizations on the rise, we have "advisories"! The result is to ignore the warnings from other sources to stay home, no unnecessary travel, no limits on crowd gatherings, social distancing or the wearing of masks. Yeah! I know, this virus is just going to disappear!, the Fraud of Fifth Ave said so!



Joe Nobody

Sorry guys and gals, but once again I must call out this newspaper. Remember during the campaign when DJT said "You watch, C-19 (reporting ?) will magically disappear on 11/4/2020"? This must be all fake news!


If you were not wearing a mask and keeping distance you should have to pay for the care in cash If you get CV. Now you put our health care workers at risk.




Have no fear, Joe Biden is here! He will fix covid with new Ideas!




No "new ideas" just a common sense approach to limiting the spread of the trump virus.

Comment deleted.

Simon, you are probably right about Bozo and HG. There cannot be 2 like them in one town.


The needed fixes are a city/statewide mask mandate and as for Havasu,close our lake to Californians. The coronavirus is pouring into our town from the west. Sheehy will fight all of those of course,since he draws his pay from the Nautical,but it needs to be done. Stay safe,mask up,think Biden!


My Bad..Sheehy is Vice President and General Manager of London Bridge Resort.


I agree that Californians should stay away, but I also think that everyone in the US should restrict unnecessary travel. Statistically speaking, Arizona has and has had a higher infection rate than California. Currently, AZ = 36.4 infections per thousand while CA = 24.2 infections per thousand. Wear a face covering, wash your hands and keep your distance.


Thank you for reporting the data. Mohave has had 166 new cases in the past two days. that is an exponential increase. We are also getting thousands of snowbirds from the most affectect states arriving for the winter. They are also mostly old with other conditions. When we had a mask requirement, the virus went down. We need an enforced mask mandate to avoid another total shutdown.




W oodrow Wilson was president in 1918 during the Spanish flu. Wilson was a Democrat. Hmmmm. Shishka keeps spouting off showing his lack of intelligence on the covid subject. Typical Democrat.


Again, who is this "Shishka" you keep whining about? And please share with us what he had to say since you're the only that sees his comments.


With tRUMP getting beat in a Landslide we should now see the virus attacking those ignorant enough to think it's all a hoax. The smart people voted for Biden and they also wear masks...


The smart people wear masks. Does that also apply to all of the liberal Californians that you complain about coming and spreading the virus in LHC? Please explain all of their partying at the canal and on the lake. Show me where all these Biden supporters are responsible about social distancing and wearing masks.




you mean the after hours landfill dump ,,


Are you referring to the Mohave republican party and Chemtrails Kelli?


United States - Historical Death Rate Data

Year Death Rate Growth Rate

2020 8.880 1.120%

2019 8.782 1.120%

2018 8.685 1.220%

2017 8.580 1.240%

2016 8.475 1.270%

2015 8.369


What do these figures have to do with the trump virus so far this year killing a quarter-of-a-million innocent men, women and children? And BTW 2020 is not "historical"


Who didn't see this coming. Flashback. 1918 - 1919


Hmmm, when was Typhoid Donnie's last gene-pool-cleansing rally in Mohave County? Yep there you go!

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