Two of the pharmacies involved in Mohave County’s vaccine rollout have developed a plan to increase their ability to distribute the vaccine.

The Mohave County Public Health Department said Wednesday that the pharmacies at Safeway and Albertsons will soon begin a drive-through vaccine operation that can accommodate around 320 people.

Additionally, each pharmacy will be able to distribute 40 doses per day, per location, the county said. The county estimated the pharmacies will deliver 1,000 doses next week among its locations in Lake Havasu City, Kingman, Bullhead City and Fort Mohave.

The location and operating hours of the drive-through clinic weren’t specified, and clerks at the Lake Havasu City Albertsons and Safeway stores reached Wednesday afternoon said they weren’t aware of the plan. Calls and an email to Mohave County Public Information Officer Roger Galloway weren’t immediately returned Wednesday afternoon.

The county also announced it had transferred an additional 300 doses of the Moderna vaccine to the Embry Health clinics in Bullhead City and 500 doses to the clinic in Kingman. The county said it expects the Embry clinics to increase hours of operations and the number of daily appointments.

The announcements come as the county attempts to improve its low vaccination rate. Mohave County has the second-lowest vaccination rate in the state. Only Apache County has a lower rate.

Mohave County has administered 13,002 vaccines as of Wednesday, according to the Arizona Department of Health. That accounts for 52 percent of the vaccines received, but county health officials warned Wednesday the state’s reported numbers could be deceptively low. The county health department will work with providers to ensure all vaccine doses administered are being reported to the state, a news release said.

The county had received 22,700 doses as of Jan. 31, according to the state health office.

Mohave County is currently offering the vaccine to health care workers and people over the age of 75 as part of the Priority 1B phase of the vaccination rollout. The county said on Friday it hopes to begin the next tier of Phase 1B -- education and childcare workers and people over 65 years old -- by next week.

More than 70% of the county’s covid-19 deaths have been in age groups over 70, and there are more than 28,000 county residents age 75 or older. Public Health Director Denise Burley says there are 37,000 county residents between the ages of 65 and 74.

“When we move into that (65-74 age group) and we add educators, we are going to be there for a while,” Burley said.

She appealed to the public to “stay with the phase,” adding providers will not vaccinate those who make appointments but don’t qualify. Those pointless appointments also slow the whole process down, she said.


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tomgarven Feb 4, 2021 7:18am

Excellent piece, Tom. Stay on it.


Thank you. I try to do what I can from my home since my age is catching up with me. Your opinion[s] matter so please don't hesitate to post your ideas and thoughts[smile]. We are all listening.


Trump said millions would be vaccinated in 2020 and a new medical plan in two weeks. Glad the liar is gone.


And I guess the same thing could be said about the Biden administration. "Thousands of new jobs will be created". In his first two weeks in office thousands of jobs have been lost by the shutdown of the pipeline and the shutdown of many drilling rigs on Federal Lands. Now personally I border on being a "greenie" but so far this administration has failed to show me anything.

That pipeline construction project employed thousands of highly skilled workers and most were making $50+/hr. Completing the pipeline would have allowed the U.S. to:

1. Stop shipping the oil by rail which is more expensive and more dangerous to the American public.

2. It would have removed all of the diesel burning train pollution from our environment and

3. It would have carried the oil from the Dakota's to the refineries in Gulf. Those refineries would have made products for the U.S. and for export to Europe and many Asian countries.

The logical course of action for ANY administration Democrat or Republican would have been for the pipeline to be finished. This would have reduced the cost of the products we sell to others while making American products more competitive. It would have also reduced the amount of air pollution we have and reduced the shipping cost U.S. oil producers have to pay.

And what do we get - lost jobs or replacement jobs which will be lucky if they pay 1/2 as much money and more air pollution. And did I mention we are seeing a spike in gasoline prices at the pump over the last couple of weeks. Look for more of that as well.

I was never a big Trump supporter - he was an arrogant bully and certainly not the sharpest cheddar in the deli case but he did accomplish some things of value. So far all the Dems seem hell bent on doing is eliminating jobs or at least creating jobs of lesser value while forgetting what they are doing to our environment.

We still have 253 million cars and trucks on our roads that use gasoline and diesel fuel. And all of the left wing media types and some environmentalists can seem to dream about is shutting down the oil industry. I more or less agree that SOMEDAY that MUST be done in a systematic and logical path forward. Shutting down pipelines and stopping drilling on Federals lands to me is the EXACT opposite of what we need to be doing. We need systematic plans with measurable goal and objectives not a bunch of old geezers who still seem to be living in the 1950's.

Not everything is about politics. Many of the things we do will take TIME and MONEY to complete. We need to stop issuing Executive Orders until someone comes to their senses and says hey wait a minute; this is going to effect ... we better put a plan together first.

Sorry for the long rant but to me things are not going well for American right about now.


I think this statement just about wraps up how I feel about the vaccine roll out.

"The location and operating hours of the drive-through clinic weren’t specified, and clerks at the Lake Havasu City Albertsons and Safeway stores reached Wednesday afternoon said they weren’t aware of the plan.".

You can't sit in your cozy little ivory tower in Kingman creating plans and processes without at last talking WITH local pharmacies. For heavens sakes, go meeting with them face to face. I have repeatedly checked Albertson's and they don't have a clue what the County is talking about. The nice plans and processes are just not getting turned into actions people can use. Please News-Herald reporters, make a few calls before writing and publishing a story. Verify what is true and not just an idea.

Just because someone says yes that is going to happen does not tell the general public the WHEN, WHERE and HOW it will happen. I do apricate the public service announcements from the News-Herald but at the moment they are not being very helpful.

And the County seems to be focused on Bullhead, Kingman and OTHER areas than Lake Havasu City if you can believe what is written here. Where are the additional doses of vaccine for Lake Havasu City? Who is going to get them and when will they arrive. And why have so few doses been administered? Why are vaccines just sitting in some freezer somewhere? Just what the heck is going on?

It is as if the County hates the residents of Lake Havasu City and yet that is where most of the money for the operation of the County comes from.

On a personal note, we are on some type of reservation listing at the Havasu Regional Medical Center (HRMC) although I have never heard from them after submitting the required documentation via FAX. When you call them they say they are several weeks behind processing the required documentation. So here is an idea for a story News-Herald:

Find out WHY they are weeks behind and what CORRECTIVE measures they are taking to catch up? That would make for some interesting reading.

Other communities are already talking about serving the needs of those over the age of 65 and here we are over the age of 80 and can't get a shot.

Too old for this

Tom, I have never found reason to disagree with anything you have posted, and I am not about to start. But as someone said a couple of days ago regarding the reason that more places do not offer the vaccination, is it because those places do not have the trained personnel to watch over those who get the shot in case of allergic reactions? Some of the reactions can be quite severe, and the store opens itself up to massive liability if they do not have an employee who can react appropriately to something like anaphylaxis. Maybe that is not the reason, but it seems to be something that I would be concerned about if I had deep pockets like Albertson's/Safeway.


Excellent response Too old for this. It is most likely true that any business that decides to enter into the vaccination game could be subject to legal action if certain policies and precautions are not followed.

But isn't it wonderful that we still live in a country where we are all free to express our opinions freely? In almost every case it usually results in a better outcome for most everyone. Thank you.

Too old for this

Thank you. You are one of the most thoughtful of people on this board.


I recently talked with a friend up north who told me that in spite of not being especially computer savvy, she and her husband got their first shots at Madigan Hospital on base at Joint Base Fort Lewis-McChord last week. It was so well organized that they were in and out of there in 25 minutes, including the 15 minutes they had to wait to see if they had any adverse reactions, and they also got appointments for their 2nd shots. Since the Army is organized if nothing else, I'm thinking that maybe their process ought to be a model for Mohave County and anyone else struggling to get people vaccinated in a timely manner.

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