Danyel Ess, a phlebotomist with Sonora Quest, helps a patient with their paperwork during the recent “testing blitz.”

Results from Saturday’s coronavirus testing blitz in Lake Havasu City still aren’t available, according to Mohave County.

County spokesman Roger Galloway said the county still has not received the results from Sonora Quest Laboratories. According to Galloway, the lab received 20,000 tests last weekend, overwhelming facilities that are also processing regular daily blood tests and other lab work. Sonora Quest’s Northern Arizona Operations Manager Mark Bennett told the county the results should be ready by Tuesday, Galloway said.

Meanwhile, another testing blitz is scheduled for the region. Testing events are scheduled for the Parker area next weekend.

The Regional Center for Border Health, Inc. will conduct drive-through testing from 8 a.m. to noon on Friday, May 29, at its Parker Walk-in Clinic, 601 Riverside Drive. No appointments are needed.

The La Paz County Health Department and Sonora Quest Labs will conduct drive-through testing from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. on Friday, May 29 and Saturday, May 30 at the La Paz County Office Complex at 1112 Joshua Avenue in Parker.

This is part of Gov. Doug Ducey’s “testing blitz.” To make an appointment, call 928-615-4305 from Monday, May 25 to Thursday, May 28 during regular business hours.


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I'm not a conspiracy theory type, but I'm curious what everyone else thinks. How is it that Kingman with half the population of Havasu, has four times as many confirmed cases? As of writing this, Kingman Regional Medical Center has performed 1671 individual test, almost half of all test performed in the county. How is it

with so many coming in and out of town here, our numbers have remained low in comparison? It would seem the more test you perform the higher number of cases would be detected. so that can account for the lower numbers here. We all know the virus is not a hoax and how easily it can be spread. It almost seems this town wants to hold back on gathering data related to this virus in hopes of making visitors believe this is a safe zone. It's not crazy to think this in a town where the economy depends on tourism. Sort of like the movie "Jaws"... "Sharks? I don't see any Sharks" The lab that tested at the Aquatic Center claimed that they performed 400 test last weekend... That's not many in a town this size... Perhaps people believe what they don't know can't hurt them. Galloway said the labs were overwhelmed with 20,000 test. Certainly, that must mean there was a lot of testing not related to covid-19 with those numbers.

Even our local Havasu Regional Medical Center seems less pro-active regarding this Pandemic compared to other hospitals in our county. Sadly, they make money from all the unfortunate accidents on the lake. Being a very much for profit facility, it's in their best interest to want to keep business as usual. I could be very wrong even thinking this or missed something. I don't know. What does everybody else think?


Agree. We won't know the result of this influx of visitors for weeks. If the truth is good.


The fact that the Kingman hospital is a nonprofit hospital, while Havasu's is definitely a for profit hospital could be a factor. Kingman Regional is offering free to the public antibody testing, but the availability of covid tests is still an ongoing issue according to this article

However, the vast majority of positive cases and deaths in Kingman are sadly linked to the Desert Highlands Care Center, a nursing care facility with a history of code violations, which likely includes both patients and staff and their friends and families.

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