A Los Angeles visitor tested positive for coronavirus in Needles Saturday.

The visitor is now in quarantine, and the case is considered to be a low health risk incident, according to the City of Needles. Those who had contact with the patient were also instructed to self-isolate for 14 days.

The test was administered on Thursday by Tri-State Community Healthcare Center. The city is working with the Communicable Disease Section of the SBCDPH. The county has been in contact with the patient and an investigation is ongoing.

According to the San Bernardino County Health Department, Needles still has no residents who have tested positive for coronavirus.


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There are now two cases confirmed in Needles. Both cases were workers on the construction site at AZ95 and Courtwright St. in Mohave Valley. They were lodging at the Rodeway Inn in Needles when tested. Both workers are now recovering at home in the Los Angeles area. Employees at the Rodeway were told to keep quiet about this or lose their jobs. This information came from more than one employee at Rodeway and each one gave me this info separately.


The 2 confirmed cases were from construction workers that were hired from an outside contractor to work on site in Needles @ Coronado and Erin dr.

only in havasu

I think we are all in for a rude awakening.


The question is, would you stay home if the circumstances were turned around or if you lived in California and could get away to Lake Havasu? Can you really blame them?


[ban] BanAll these visitors. So upset that these out of towners dont stay TF home. & come here knowing are lil community of Needles & the people in the town ACTUALLY (95%) follow guidelines. Then this happens some dumb & dumber who don't care. KEEP THEM OUT OF OUR CITY


95% really. Pick a number any number.......


If you are so worried then stay home!!!! If you are in high risk category - stay home! IF you stay home you won't get sick - or so you think. Never mind 66% of those who did get sick in NY did stay home and never left even to go shopping - yet they still got sick. This virus has been here since last winter - November through now.


Really hate tourists carrying the virus all over. But Americans are free.


Very nice. Out of state visitors carrying the sickness all over.stay home!


Where does it say they went out of state? They are from LA. Last time I checked Needles was in CA. If the story above is true about them working on a job then it seems their boss didnt give them time off.


Tamaraphelps, read the story again please. Comprehend it.

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