The Mohave County Board of Supervisors on Monday created the new position of “Chief of Parks Law Enforcement.

For ERACE Program Coordinator Todd Davison, it’s not necessarily a promotion – but there’s a 5% raise involved. The new Chief of Parks Law Enforcement position is an expansion of Davison’s role as program coordinator, and extends the scope of his responsibilities within county parks.

The Environmental Rural Area Cleanup Enforcement task force is charged with the investigation of criminal littering and illegal dumping throughout Mohave County, and Davison will be required to work closely with Mohave Public Works officials to help enforce anti-dumping ordinances on county lands.

Among Davison’s responsibilities will be that of proposing and coordinating the locations of “no dumping” signs throughout the county, and he will be required to work with prosecutors in preparation of cases involving illegal dumping.

According to county records, Davison will be tasked with developing policies and procedures for law enforcement at county parks; planning and implementation of ERACE policies and law enforcement; participating in preparation and presentation of an annual budget for the Mohave County Public Works Department’s Parks Division; and coordinating training and assignment of the county’s ERACE officers.

Davison will work independently, and his position will require exercising his initiative and independent judgment and decisions in accordance with the county’s established procedures and regulations, according to a description of the new position filed with Mohave County supervisors this month.


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