Hualapai Mountain Park.

Mohave County parks will get extra security as a growing number of weekend visitors flock to scenic venues like Davis Camp and Hualapai Mountain Park.

Lake Havasu City officials have seen a wave of out-of-state visitors this month, and things are no different at Davis Camp. About five miles north of Bullhead City, the camp has seen what county officials have called “historic” numbers of visitors over the past two weekends. The increase prompted Mohave County Procurement Director Michelle Fink to request additional security for the park on Thursday.

According to Fink, the increase in visitors has largely stemmed from closures of parks in neighboring states such as California and Nevada. With increased numbers of visitors from those states venturing to Davis Camp this month, Fink and Mohave County Parks officials are asking for increased security for the duration of the ongoing coronavirus crisis.

“The additional security would be only for Friday, Saturday and Sunday mornings,” said Mohave County Parks Director Hal Barton. “Were also going to implement limitations, and we’re going to start capping the total number of people coming into the parks … we decided to start limiting the number of wristbands so we can control traffic and have easier ingress and egress, and have a little more control over the numbers.”

According to Barton, those numbers have been substantial. Last Saturday, Davis Camp alone saw more than 7,000 visitors, Barton said. Starting Memorial Day weekend, entry will be limited to 2,000 adults per day. With children included, Barton is still expecting 5,000 visitors to Davis camp this weekend.

The request for increased security was approved unanimously Thursday by the Mohave County Board of Supervisors.


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