Two suspects were arraigned Wednesday on felony charges of possession of marijuana and narcotics for sale.

Lake Havasu City residents Bret T. Reed, 60, and Joann M. Souther, 57, were arrested May 31 after officers received a report of suspected drug sales at their Paseo Granada residence.

According to the police report, Reed’s roommate became suspicious earlier that week, and inspected a large plastic tote bag in Reed’s closet. Inside, the report said, Reed’s roommate discovered four large plastic bags containing suspected marijuana.

Reed’s roommate transported the bag and its contents to the Lake Havasu City Police Department, where it was surrendered to detectives.

Officers obtained a warrant to search Reed’s home, which was served May 29. In Reed’s home, officers allegedly discovered more than 180 grams of suspected methamphetamine and marijuana in areas of the residence occupied by Reed and Souther, who has been identified as Reed’s girlfriend.

Officers located Souther first, according to police, who took her into custody for questioning after a traffic stop on May 30.

Reed was located the next day, when officers received a tip that he was staying with a friend, 35-year-old Havasu resident Jonathan Craig, at his Maracaibo Lane address.

Police went to Craig’s home in search of Reed, and Craig allegedly informed officers that Reed was not at the home.

Officers searched his residence, according to police statements, and located Reed on a bed inside. Officers arrested Reed at the scene, and transported him to Lake Havasu City Jail without incident.

According to Mohave County prosecutors, Reed is a repeat offender with three prior felony convictions. The most recent of those convictions took place in 1993, when he was found guilty of possession of a controlled substance.

Reed and Souther were both arraigned this week on charges of possession of marijuana for sale, possession of narcotic drugs for sale, possession of equipment for narcotic drug manufacturing, manufacturing narcotic drugs and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Each remains in custody at Mohave County Jail on $50,000 bond.

Craig was also arrested May 31 on charges of rendering a false report to Lake Havasu City Police officers.


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