Refuge Golf and Country Club

Property development on the Refuge Golf and Country Club was ordered to cease by a Mohave County judge.

A Mohave County Superior Court judge ordered property development in the Refuge Golf and Country Club on a previously proposed RV Park site to cease while also finding Refuge owners to be in contempt of a 2013 ruling.

In a court order released Friday, Judge Lee Jantzen revisited an injunction placed on City Center Executive Plaza LLC, which restricted further development of an easement where an RV Park was previously proposed.

The ruling stated, “The injunction required City Center to 1) refrain from using the Golf Course easement for anything other than golf or golf related facilities, which does not include an RV Park or an Event Tent; 2) refrain from using the Declarant Easement for anything other than selling or marketing of lots within the community owned by the Declarant; and 3) refrain from further use and development of the RV Park.”

According to the most recent ruling, City Center LLC began a new plan in 2016 to build casitas in areas where the RV Park would have been located.

City Center argued the injunction did not specifically prohibit building of hotels or casitas on the site.

“While that is true, it is also true none of the parties or the jury anticipated at the time of trial in 2013 this new approach taken by City Center to develop the property,” the ruling stated.

The court determined, “City Center’s attempt to develop the property into casitas is a violation of the injunction, that any development not golf course related is substantial non-compliance with the order, and the violation is not a good faith interpretation of the current injunction.”


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The are they are developing cannot even be seen by the existing homes. Just rich folks mad they lost the bid.


Sounds like the developer is looking a loop hole and got caught. Sure glad I do not have a home in that place. Shame the original golf coarse was not kept in tact.

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