Covid-19: Oct. 7 update

Jim Bayles gets a covid antibody test at the Havasu Community Health Foundation clinic at Shambles Village on McCulloch Boulevard. The Foundation is offering free covid testing and all three of the vaccines every Wednesday from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. According to the latest numbers from the Mohave County Health Department, 134 new confirmed cases of covid have been reported since Monday at noon. Seven new deaths have also been reported. Thirty-six of the 134 new cases are from Lake Havasu City. None of the seven deaths were from Havasu.

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No vaccine no insurance. Take responsibility for your actions.


1502. Fool!


icky - Actually 1502 nailed it. I am sick and tired of mollycoddling morons.

Too old for this

Why is Congress exempt from the mandate? Why are Muslims, Afghans and all the illegals that break into our country on a daily basis. If someone wants to avoid the vaccine, then ends up dying a horrible death from the virus, that should make you and 502 deliriously happy.

Too old for this

You are quite the idiot, aren't you?


twosie - Talking to that little voice in your head and calling him an idiot only proves you are totally nuts.

Joe Nobody

Hey! Trump recently said to "get the vax" dare you disagree with your slurpee?

BTW - How many loud mothed anti-vax heroes got the vax? Most everyone that you watch on TV.


BigBlob the smart A$$ puke!


yup - If this non-person "BigBlob," who is nothing more than a voice in your head, is a "smart A$$ puke" then you are the actual puke.


Have all of our “Covid” positives in the past 18 months been from the “CDC” discontinued test, ending 12-31-21? Since we have had zero (none) flu tests, how are the current flu vaccines created? How is this their (CDC) best guess with absolutely no cases?? You are being played. Do not take the flu “vaccine” or the Covid mRNA test (not a vaccine). Good news coming shortly!


wendy - Why do we even bother to try to explain anything to you?


[thumbup] Her and many others.






uh what the flu vaccine is a quadrivalent vaccine. and yes per the "CDC" website, the flu vaccine is strains from previous years only party modified to account for mutation. not sure what that has to do with testing and covid but deep breaths, deep breaths.



Joe Nobody

Wendy, Don't make us wait...release the Covid-Kraken!



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