Police were called to a Cutlass Drive residence on Nov. 16 after receiving a 9-1-1 hang-up call. When officers arrived, the report said, they heard a Lake Havasu City couple arguing inside.

Officers knocked on the door and questioned the home’s occupants, identified as Simon P. Meredith and Kiara M. Burdette, both 20 years old.

According to statements allegedly made by Burdette, they were watching movies in the home. Meredith allegedly insisted they watch “Ant-Man,” despite her lack of enthusiasm for the film. After the couple finished watching Meredith’s choice of film, Burdette indicated her desire to watch Disney’s “101 Dalmations,” only for Meredith to tell her that he wasn’t interested.

The couple argued, police say, and during that argument Burdette allegedly threw a video game controller at a nearby wall. Meredith allegedly became upset, and lifted the end of a futon where Burdette was seated. Burdette fell to the floor, the report said, and their argument escalated.

During the argument, Burdette allegedly attempted to contact law enforcement, but Meredith disconnected the phone’s cord after the call had connected.

According to statements allegedly given by Meredith, he was frustrated by Burdette’s reluctance to watch his choice of movie, while expecting him to watch hers. When he lifted the edge of the home’s futon, it wasn’t his intent to dislodge Burdette, he allegedly told police.

Meredith and Burdette were each cited on charges of disorderly conduct. Meredith was additionally cited on charges of preventing the use of a telephone during an emergency phone call.


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Dawn King

To whoever cooks meth ----could you please start putting birth control in it!

bob b

I can't imagine seeing my name in the newspaper about an arrest over such a ridiculous disagreement. Maybe trying to justify your actions in front of a court will be enough to help them grow up a little bit. It is a waste of police resources!

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