Mohave County Sheriff’s deputies were called to a Topock residence Thursday morning after receiving reports of a suspect attempting to hit a woman with his vehicle. According to the report, the victim was walking to her property from a neighboring residence when 61-year-old Topock resident Byron K. Blokzyl drove toward her. According to the report, Blokzyl swerved his truck toward the victim and accelerated, forcing her to dive out of the way.

Deputies searched the area for Blokzyl before going to his residence, but were unable to locate his vehicle. Sheriff’s deputies stationed near the victim’s home allegedly saw Blokzyl’s vehicle returning a short time later, however.

According to the report, deputies attempted to stop Blokzyl, who allegedly ignored deputies and continued driving until he reached his home. Blokzyl attempted to enter his residence when he arrived, and deputies attempted to stop him. According to the report, Blokzyl refused deputies’ commands to stop, and struggled as deputies forced Blokzyl to the ground. He was restrained and led to a waiting Sheriff’s patrol cruiser, where he continued to struggle and ultimately struck his head against the vehicle.

Deputies say Blokzyl appeared visibly intoxicated at the time of his arrest, and a blood sample was taken from Blokzyl to later determine his level of intoxication. Blokzyl allegedly denied attempting to strike the victim with his vehicle, and he was booked into Mohave County Jail without further incident.

Blokzyl was charged with aggravated assault, resisting arrest, unlawful flight from law enforcement and harassment.


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61 years old and still doing stupid stuff [rolleyes]

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