A Lake Havasu City man was arraigned last week after he was arrested twice last month on charges of aggravated assault against a significant other, and then again after his release when he allegedly contacted the victim by telephone.

Officers were called to the home of 22-year-old Justin D. Musgrove on June 17, where he allegedly choked the victim as she attempted to leave their residence. According to the report, the victim had difficulty breathing until he released her, and apologized to her. The victim left the residence and went to a friend’s home, police say.

When questioned by police, Musgrove allegedly told officers that he didn’t want the victim to leave because she had no vehicle, and it was hot outside. Musgrove allegedly told officers he grabbed the victim’s shoulder near the base of her neck, and followed her to their bedroom.

Officers believe the victim’s injuries were consistent with being choked, the report said, and Musgrove was arrested on charges of aggravated assault per domestic violence.

Musgrove was released from custody on June 18, under orders that he have no contact with the victim. One June 19, police say Musgrove called her, and screamed “you’re dead” into the receiver. According to the report, the victim said her phone’s speakerphone was on, and the victim’s mother heard Musgrove’s alleged statements during the call.

Officers contacted Musgrove, who allegedly admitted to calling the victim, but denied threatening her, the report said. Musgrove was arrested on charges of failure to comply with a court order.

Musgrove was arraigned July 2, and will next appear in Mohave Superior Court for a pre-trial conference July 29.


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