A Lake Havasu City man was arrested in the early hours of July 4 when witnesses allegedly reported that he struck a mailbox with his vehicle on El Dorado Avenue. According to police, witnesses described the vehicle as a white Chevrolet pickup truck, with a flat tire and damage to its passenger-side headlight.

Officers allegedly located the vehicle, identified as that of 31-year-old Ethan L. Stefanski, at a Seneca Lane residence. According to the report, officers knocked on the front door of the residence, which Stefanski answered.

Police say Stefanski appeared to have been visibly injured, and may have struck his head inside his vehicle during an accident. When officers informed Stefanski why they were there, Stefanski allegedly attempted to shut his door. Officers prevented Stefanski from doing so, the report said, and asked him to exit his residence.

Stefanski was allegedly asked if he had just gotten home, to which he replied that he had been at home all day. Stefanski denied having been involved in a hit-and-run accident, the report said, and further told officers he had not driven the truck in nearly four weeks. During his conversation with officers, the report said, officers observed the odor of alcohol on his breath.

When asked for his identification, officers said, Stefanski did not reply. He was allegedly seen reaching into his pockets, and officers told him not to do so, the report said. When officers attempted to restrain Stefanski, he allegedly attempted to struggle.

Stefanski was taken into custody at the scene and transported to Lake Havasu City Jail. Throughout the trip, officers said, Stefanski continued to argue that he hadn’t driven his vehicle that evening.

At Lake Havasu City Jail, Stefanski allegedly refused to answer when asked to submit a breath sample to test his blood-alcohol concentration. Officers obtained a warrant to draw Stefanski’s blood, the report said. After his blood was drawn, Stefanski refused to speak with officers further.


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Djanga Unchained

There are no direct witnesses that put "Him" behind the wheel of the truck. Even though we all know the truth - he will fight it and probably get off. The police did not see him driving the truck, and he said he was home all day. The wits just described the truck, not him.


only in havasu: Way back in the day it was common for folks to drink and drive and I never got caught. Then when the laws changed and it was going to cost me a fortune I quit doing it. I figured if I couldn't afford to put new tires on the truck I surely couldn't afford thousands for drinking and driving. The laws changed me. If I wanted to go out I paid for a taxi. But we read about so many that have more than one offense and still keep doing it and even on a suspended license. Maybe if they send out notices with registration renewal and when you get a license about the laws and punishments and make you sign that you understand the consequences in order to get your registration or license that might help and in that notice let them know that first offense 15 strokes with a bamboo switch across the bare buttocks in public and the second offense a public hanging and charge to see the hanging and give the money to the seniors and veterans that are having a hard time making ends meet.

only in havasu

What do you all think? I really feel we the public should accept responsibility for incidents like these. The arrestee- should be listed as a victim. After all- in 2019- who could possibly know that driving impaired could lead to bad things? Shouldn’t we teach people not to drink and drive. As ridiculous as I sound right now- it’s similar to how I feel every time I read about someone being stupid and driving under the extreme intoxication of liquor and or drugs. The thousands of people killed every year, hundreds of millions in damages, destroyed lives, families forever destroyed. AND still- people go get stupid drunk and drive. Think about how much someone has to drink to be over the limit in the first place,- never mind the fact most of these fools are 2, 3, and 4 times the legal limit most of the time. They’ve literally tripled fines and made some very strict mandatory jail time, and yet the statistics still show outrageous numbers of those driving under impairment. What do we have to do? Perhaps new Math isn’t the only thing we should be adopting from Singapore. Maybe 8 to 15 strokes with a bamboo switch across the bare buttocks in a public square like you’d get in Singapore would finally be a viable, results orientated action for change.

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