Mohave County Sheriff’s deputies were dispatched Tuesday morning to the 4000 block of East Heights Boulevard after receiving reports of a trespassing vehicle. Deputies arrived to find 54-year-old Jules E. Mickelsen at the location, with his truck parked in front of the reporting party’s driveway.

According to the report, Mickelson could give no valid reason for being at the location, and deputies attempted to arrest him on charges of second degree criminal trespassing. Deputies say Mickelson fled on foot, and ran through several washes until finding his own residence. Mickelson allegedly entered his home, and deputies gave him several commands to exit. According to the report, Mickelson emerged from his residence, only to flee from deputies once more. Deputies were allegedly told by the reporting party that Mickelson had entered the backyard of his property, where he was found hiding. An off-duty Arizona Highway Patrolman arrived at the scene to assist deputies, and Mickelson was ultimately taken into custody, the report said.

Mickelson was placed inside a patrol cruiser while deputies investigated the incident, but according to the report, Mickelson didn’t sit peacefully. Deputies say Mickelson managed to unfasten his seatbelt, and was found kicking at the vehicle’s windows. He was also found to have slipped his arms beneath his legs in an effort to remove his restraints, the report said. Mickelson was re-restrained and transported to the Lake Havasu City Sheriff’s substation, where he awaited transportation to Mohave County Jail.


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Hey HwyRovr, look they got a picture of simon1dog in the paper!

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