Hot air balloons hit the skies throughout the weekend making for a successful Havasu Balloon Festival and Fair.

After a year without colorful balloons dotting Lake Havasu City’s January skies, Balloon Festival organizers are looking forward to next year’s event and already setting plans in motion.

The 2022 Balloon Festival will be held Jan. 21 to Jan. 23. The event will continue to feature balloon flights —weather permitting — on-the-ground entertainment, vendors, shows, food and more.

“We’ve got our dates set, so now, we’re mostly firming up our committee structure for next year, making sure we have all our committee chairs in place,” Balloon Festival Board President Jim Day said. “Beyond that, we have an election for our new officers of the board [which] will happen later this month. Some of the committee people will be updating our website, and we’ll be opening up for RV reservations. Things like that will be happening because people are already asking.”

As of now, there aren’t any major changes to the event planned, Day said.

“Obviously, we’re always looking for new entertainment or maybe some new activities on the grass,” he said. “We’re always on the lookout for things like that, but at this point, there’s nothing confirmed just because it’s pretty early. The biggest thing is, we just pray for no wind and no rain.”

If the weather doesn’t behave, however, the event isn’t a bust. There are always plenty of things to do while grounded.

“That’s one of the things that we do that many balloon festivals don’t do — we have the fair. We’ve got the carnival,” Day said. “We’ve got a lot of entertainment on the grass, entertainment on the stage, and we usually have over 100 vendors, so there are things to do and stuff that are not dependent on the wind.”

The Balloon Festival will still take place at Windsor 4 in Lake Havasu State Park next year, Day confirmed.


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